Crashlands Wiki

Workstations are crafting interface items in Crashlands.

List of Workstations[]

Name Description
BS SSSS SS5.pngBS SSSS SS5 You are using the trusty Bureau of Shipping Self-Sustaining Survival Station Series S-5! It'll get you started on this hostile alien planet.
Sawmill.pngSawmill This workbench with a circular saw will allow you to craft all kinds of wooden masterpieces!
Skinnery.pngSkinnery Now you're crafting with Wompit parts!
Stoneshaper.pngStoneshaper What a convenient way to shape rocks into other shapes!
Chemworks.pngChemworks It takes a lot of chemicals to work with all these crazy materials. This should do the trick!
Hearth.pngHearth It's warm and delightful. If only you had some hot cocoa to dip your toes into.
Squathe.pngSquathe This workstation can handle all kinds of abuse! And it spins!
Water Pump.pngWater Pump This pump will produce an endless supply of water balloons when placed in Savanna water.
Fishiminea.pngFishiminea It can hold in a lot of heat, though it gets sticky after a lot of use. It could use a good rub-down from time to time.
Crystal Kiln.pngCrystal Kiln Dusk Crystals can withstand a tremendous amount of heat, which makes them perfect for CONTAINING TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF HEAT!
Jollyscope.pngJollyscope Using the focused power of firmified Jolly Fulmar, you're able to finely craft things with such immense detail that it hurts your eye sockets just thinking about it.
Jackweaver.pngJackweaver It pulls together all manner of things, strips them into strips, and weaves them together into a weave. BRILLIANT!
Cauldron.pngCauldron Stretched and slapped Bleghpods make for an excellent container!
Bioloom.pngBioloom By weaving together all kinds of spindly, slimy organs and things, you've managed to create quite the impeccable !
Compressor.pngCompressor All you need is the right attitude, a bit of elbow grease, and an elaborate made of the skin of giant inflatable aliens.
Centrifuge.pngCentrifuge Spinning. It makes the world go round.
Granvil.pngGranvil The moustache of a Bamli is so powerful, you can use it to BEND ANYTHING TO YOUR WILL! It's also super attractive.
Thrombopump.pngThrombopump By slapping this pump onto a Thrombyte, you can extract whatever goodness lies inside!
Shredbasket.pngShredbasket If you put a piece of bread into it, you would end up with more pieces of bread.
Gastropestle.pngGastropestle Like the chemistry set you had as a kid, but morbid.
Pressure Cooker.pngPressure Cooker Be sure not to put your face in front of this while it's running, unless you're into horrifying spa treatments.
Tumbler.pngTumbler Fully equipped for all your tumbling needs, this Tumbler even comes with a cupholder! In the sense that you can put a cup near it.
Slurrifier.pngSlurrifier It seems that the slurry you get from geysirs might contain valuable resources. This station will let you extract all the delicious goodness!
Burnchurn.pngBurnchurn Good thing it runs on its own, or you'd end up with a lot of disfiguring scars!
Refinery.pngRefinery Pump it up and process it down! This bad boy will turn all that bubblin' crude into whatever your little heart desires!
Foundry.pngFoundry It runs pretty hot, but not very fast. You could probably beat it in a marathon, or with a stick.
Bagpump.pngBagpump It makes horrible squealing noises as it extracts oil from the waters of the Tundra. It makes you feel like dancing.