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Water Balloon
Water Balloon.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Good.png Good

"Legends say that Lyffs will give shards of their crystals to those they consider friends. What legends? You know... the legends."


The Water Balloon is a component, and is used to craft other items such as the Blastique Saw and Waterbomb.


In order to craft the water balloon, you must first build a water pump. The schematics for the water pump are unlocked after delivering a pinwheel to Ramerl, she'll ask you to build her five water balloons and give you the schematics. Once a water pump is built, place it over some water and you will be able to make water balloons.


Water Pump.pngWater Pump
Requirements Amount
Glidopus Siphon.png Glidopus Siphon 3
Sawgrass Blade.png Sawgrass Blade 3
Time 00:04
Water Balloon.png Water Balloon 3

Used In[]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Blastique Saw.pngBlastique Saw Blastique.pngBlastique (3)
Flatstone.pngFlatstone (15)
Sawgrassaw.pngSawgrassaw (1)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (8)
Squathe.pngSquathe Squee Husk.pngSquee Husk (24)
Blastique.pngBlastique (5)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (15)
Safety Gogs.pngSafety Gogs Glidopus Ink.pngGlidopus Ink (71)
Basic Glue.pngBasic Glue (5)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (42)
Glorb.pngGlorb Log.pngLog (58)
Glow Juice.pngGlow Juice (16)
Glutterfly Wingdust.pngGlutterfly Wingdust (3)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (27)
Glidopus Love Balloon.pngGlidopus Love Balloon Glidopus Ink.pngGlidopus Ink (106)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (62)
Bulbi.pngBulbi (11)
Verdant Glidopus Essence.pngVerdant Glidopus Essence (13)
Waterbomb.pngWaterbomb (3) Whistleroot Reed.pngWhistleroot Reed (3)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (3)
Water Pump.pngWater Pump
Pearlscale HoverBuoy.pngPearlscale HoverBuoy Pearl Scale.pngPearl Scale (2)
Sea Rope.pngSea Rope (2)
Glotus Berries.pngGlotus Berries (3)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (6)
Dusk Seed.pngDusk Seed Dusk Dust.pngDusk Dust (1)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon (1)
Crystal Kiln.pngCrystal Kiln