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"Vommas have such a powerful self-preservation instinct that they happily sacrifice their tadpole babies to save themselves. It's okay, though... they generate new babies every few seconds."


Vommas are creatures found in the Bawg. They are generally the very first creatures Flux will come across in her first visit to the Bawg. Vommas move around slowly, and the normal ones will not attack unless provoked. In combat, they will launch barrages of explosive tadpoles from their opened mouth. Vommas can often be found sitting near explosive Jolly Chomps, which are easily triggered using a Bloo, severely injuring or even killing nearby creatures.

Attack Pattern[]

A Vomma's attack pattern can be compared to that of a barrage artillery, or a Tartil, except with multiple attacks at one time and smaller attack range. It will first stand in place and widely open its mouth. It will then fire a salvo of explosive tadpole babies aimed roughly at Flux. The number of tadpole babies shot varies between two and six . To defeat it, dodge its missiles and engage in the time between attacks, when it has no means to defend itself, and as it doesn't move much, Vomma or Tartil pets are ideal for defeating it.

Types of Vommas & Drops[]

Type Level Appearance Drops
Vomma 11 Vomma.png Vlap


Vomma Momma 13 Vomma momma.png Vlap


Vomma Babymaker

Vomma Gramp 15 Vomma gramp.png Vlap


Vomma Babymaker

Tempered Vomma Momma 17 Tempered vomma momma.png Tempered Vomma Essence
Tempered Vomma Gramp 19 Tempered vomma gramp.png Tempered Vomma Essence


Sightless Vomma 23 Sightless vomma.png Sightless Vomma Essence

Sightless Vomma rough location:

Notable Vommas[]

  • Jibblies

Other Creatures[]