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Type Component
Quality Item Quality Good.png Good

"Vampries attach themselves onto anything that dips its toe into the water. Their barbed teeth make them very difficult to pry off. Fortunately, they're ticklish."

Description[edit | edit source]

Vampry is a component found when fishing in the Bawg and and randomly dropped from Bawgsacks.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Elixir of Bulging Biceps.pngElixir of Bulging Biceps Sagtatoe.pngSagtatoe (1)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (1)
Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Burnt Snorble Essence.pngBurnt Snorble Essence (1)
Exord.pngExord Coral Tubes.pngCoral Tubes (2)
Vampry.pngVampry (2)
Satgat Exoskeleton.pngSatgat Exoskeleton (12)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (5)
Vampaxe.pngVampaxe Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Skeletonized Fathead.pngSkeletonized Fathead (2)
Coral Tubes.pngCoral Tubes (1)
Plonkbonk.pngPlonkbonk Plonktan.pngPlonktan (1)
Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Satgat Exoskeleton.pngSatgat Exoskeleton (9)
Weakness Detector.pngWeakness Detector Satgat Chemoreceptors.pngSatgat Chemoreceptors (4)
Plonktan.pngPlonktan (2)
Vampry.pngVampry (5)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (4)
Bloodball.pngBloodball Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (4)
Ayeayes.pngAyeayes (34)
Vampry.pngVampry (5)
Boba.pngBoba (4)
Plague Injector.pngPlague Injector Vampry.pngVampry (5)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (4)
Throak Nematocyte.pngThroak Nematocyte (8)
Extracted Tuber.pngExtracted Tuber (4)
Perpetual Motion Machine.pngPerpetual Motion Machine Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (9)
Vampry.pngVampry (11)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (45)
Zuguardian Essence.pngZuguardian Essence (5)
Unwelcome Mat.pngUnwelcome Mat Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (1)
Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (1)
Bloodbomb.pngBloodbomb (3) Vampry.pngVampry (3)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (3)
Satgat Exoskeleton.pngSatgat Exoskeleton (3)
The Blood Root.pngThe Blood Root The Everliving Pulp.pngThe Everliving Pulp (1)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (6)
Vampry.pngVampry (6)
Painsulin.pngPainsulin (5)
Clawbox.pngClawbox Clossom.pngClossom (9)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (4)
Vampry.pngVampry (5)
Satgat Chemoreceptors.pngSatgat Chemoreceptors (5)
Idol of Plagoo.pngIdol of Plagoo Painsulin.pngPainsulin (5)
Vampry.pngVampry (5)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (137)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (21)
Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Sagtatoe.pngSagtatoe (1)
Snorble Skin.pngSnorble Skin (2)