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This is a walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips and tricks for the iOS, Android and PC game Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. I’m focusing on things that I think people would need because they’re confusing or hard to find, as well as tips I’ve personally found useful. I’ve also included pictures of all creatures and plants for when the game tells you to hunt one down before it’s been added to your log. If there’s something you need help with that you don’t see here, you can ask in the comments section.

For help with certain tricky quests and Bawg or Tundra info, scroll down. See my Crashlands review here.

Starting Guide:

    • Note: There’s an Easter egg at the very beginning of the game that’s really easy to miss. I’ve been asked not to ruin it for people so early on, so I moved it a bit further down in the guide. If you want to know about it to make sure you don’t miss it, scroll down.**

Getting Off The Ship:

Hewgodooko blows up the ship you’re on and you need to find the escape pod to the planet Woanope. I show you how to get through that part in this video:

Controls & User Interface:

Tap anywhere on the screen to move there. You can also keep your finger on the screen to make Flux continue in that direction. I explain the UI in the photo below. Juicebox is your little helpful robot companion who follows you around. You’ll also get pets along your way (you need to craft those, too!), but only one can follow you at a time.


To change equipment, tap on Flux in the lower left corner. Then, select an item you have equipped to see what else you have that can go in that slot. final-150

You can also recycle equipment (break it down to salvage some of its parts) by tapping on the icon in the upper right corner and then tapping on a piece of equipment you don’t need anymore. final-173

There are many items in the game that heal, but after you use one, there’s a timer before you can use another. If you think you’ll need to heal a lot, you might want to keep two different healing items in quick slots. You can also craft potions out of baconweeds, sunshrooms and other healing plants once you have a Hearth, so each one restores more hit points. Loot, Schematics, Eggs and More:

When you hack at a plant or mineral or kill a creature, the loot will get picked up automatically, with a few exceptions. Schematics (or recipes) come in little crates. You need to pick those up manually. Pet eggs drop but you have to pick them up manually, as well. The good news is that if you miss a schematic or egg, it will show up on the world map so you can go find it again. img_1603


Crafting is a major part of this game. Hack at everything you find to harvest it. If you don’t have a strong enough tool for it yet, just come back later. Any items that you find in rocks, plants or creatures will automatically go to your inventory, and there’s unlimited space.

The BS SSSS SS5 is the first workstation you get. From there, you can make a Sawmill, which will allow you to craft wooden armor and other items. The Sawmill can craft a Skinnery, the Skinnery can craft a Stoneshaper, and so on. Each new workstation you build will allow you to make stronger weapons, armor, and tools.

You can only access your recipes (or schematics) from a workstation, but you can track a single recipe to see how many ingredients you still need while you’re out hunting for them. final-151

Workstation Order:

BS SSSS SS5 > Sawmill > Skinnery > Stoneshaper > Chemworks (and Kiln) > Squathe > Fishiminea > Crystal Kiln > Jollyscope > Jackweaver (and Cauldron) > Bioloom >Compressor > Centrifuge > Granvil (and Thrombopump) > Shredbasket > Gastropestle (and Pressure Cooker) > Tumbler (and Slurrifier) > Burnchurn > Refinery > Foundry (and Bagpump)


Equipment Quality:

Every item you craft has a quality level. They go from Normal (white) > Acceptable (green) > Satisfying (blue) > Excellent (purple) > Legendary (orange) Except for legendary items, the quality of a weapon or piece of armor is random. You can keep creating new ones to try to get a better quality. If you don’t like what you get, just salvage it (as explained above) and recycle the salvaged ingredients into a new one. Creatures:

Creatures also provide ingredients for crafting, but first you need to kill them. Everywhere you go, you’ll see creatures of different levels. If you tap on one, you can see their name. The color of the name tells you how strong they are compared to you. White means they’re easy, yellow means they’re a little stronger than you but shouldn’t cause too much trouble. Orange is more difficult and red can kill you very easily if you’re not really careful. As you get stronger, the red monsters will turn orange, orange will turn yellow, etc.


If you get too close to a creature, they’ll start attacking you. But the area they’re about to attack turns red (trajectory), so you can try to avoid it. Running is as much a skill in this game as fighting. If you get ganged up on by more creatures than you can handle, run as fast as you can and they’ll lose interest. (The blue circle here is from my pet. I’ll talk more about that later.) final-153

Building and Planting:

If you tap the little hammer in the lower left corner, you’ll be able to place down floors, walls and other decorations. There are two menus for this. The one with the floor icon is for laying down floors and furdle durt (fertile dirt) for planting. The one with the infinity symbol is for everything else, such as walls, lamps, trophies, seeds, chairs, etc. final-158



As you explore by foot, you’ll come across teleportation stations called Telepads. From the map, you can tap on any of those teleporters to move there instantly. But you can only do so if you’re not in battle, being chased by an enemy. Damage over time — like poison, bleed, or burn — will also prevent you from teleporting. You can also tap on a Telepad and then select the little house icon to make that Telepad your home base. That way, when you go to the map and tap on the same house icon in the upper right hand corner, you’ll go straight there without having to find it on the map. That will also be where you go when you die. final-187



As far as I can tell, death isn’t too horrible in this game. If you die, you’ll drop some things you picked up since you last left home base. You’ll also be warped back to whichever spot you made your home base. The game is nice enough, though, to stick a little gravestone on the spot where you died, so you can follow it on the map and reclaim your items. Not too bad! Your deaths will show up in your stats, though.


Every creature on this planet can be your pet. You just need to find an egg (usually a rare, random drop from said creature), craft a hatchery for it and wait for it to hatch. You then get to name it and it will follow you around, attaching your enemies. It also grows more powerful the more you use it. The catch is, your pets only attack creatures that you’re attacking. So you can’t just stand back and let them do everything. But they are incredibly useful. I usually use a ranged attack to get my pet’s attention, which leaves me more time to run around while they attack. But you need to keep attacking every so often or your pet will also stop.

You can evolve your pets by finding the right essences, as well as the recipes for the items that “enbiggen” them. There are three tiers for each creature. For instance, once you have a Wompit, you can kill Sterling Wompits for their essences to evolve him into a Sterling Wompit (as long as you have the recipe). Then, kill some Womplords and get their essences to evolve him into a Womplord using the pogo stick recipe.

I’ve only gotten one egg of any creature, so I’m assuming you can’t get more than one. You can rename your pet with a memory towlett

    • Easter Egg: Don’t forget to pick up the G-Gnome before escaping the crashing ship. It’s just a collectible, but you likely won’t want to start over just to get it. It’s right near the escape pod.**



Savanna Creatures, Plants and Minerals:

If you’re looking for a certain creature, plant or rock and aren’t sure what they look like, here are pictures of them. See the Bawg and and Tundra sections for the rest. Wompit, Glutterfly, Glidopus, Tartil, Wat, Zug final-155

Sawgrass, Sunshroom, Baconweed, Logtree, Whistleroot, Kibweed, Walkerroot, Bumpberry, Flatboulder, Gassak, Straddlebark, Squee, Bulbi, Night Glotus, Savannah Fishing, Dusk Crystal.



Wats and Glutterflies only come out at night. Glutterflies show up pretty much right near your crash site. But you might need to travel a bit to encounter Wats. Wats are pretty annoying and usually attack in packs. Be prepared! I usually find Wats near Zugs.


Once you make a fishing pole, you can use it in one of these fishing holes in the water. You basically need to wait until some of those brown blobs (aka fish) are in line with the hook and then tap the screen to pull them up. You can usually fish a few times in one hole before the 2-hour timer sets in and makes you wait. final-175



These are general tips or Savanna-related. See tips for Bawg further down in the Bawg section. • If you get a new schematic but don’t see it in any of your workstations, it most likely means that you need the next workstation to make it. Quests usually lead to a workstation schematic, so if you think you’re missing a workstation, do some more quests and it will most likely show up.

• Make lots of floor boards and take them with you so you can easily build a bridge anywhere you go. Some quests actually require you to do so. They’re also easy to make, so just stock up on them.

• Make a stone bed and take it with you so you can place it down temporarily any time you need to change from day to night or night to day.

• If you circle your enemies, your pet will continue attacking for a good while. But if you run in a line from an enemy, your pet will think you’re running away and stop attacking. So if you want to rely mostly on your pet, try to keep your distance while running around the enemy, shooting a long-range weapon at it when you need your pet to start attacking again. That’s how I’ve been playing and it’s served me well.

I suggest using a pet with projectiles, like the Glutterfly, Zug, Vomma or Wokack. • Plant baconweed and sunshrooms around your home base/crash site so you always have a fresh supply nearby. You can also plant seeds of different plants so you don’t have to go looking for them as often. • When you pick up a new quest, the target location will (usually) be marked on your map either with a name and yellow circle (general area) or a red dot (specific spot). If it’s a yellow circle, you need to walk around that area until you find it. NPCs are usually near items and structures that stand out and can’t be moved. So keep an eye out for anything that can’t be interacted with.

• Not all points of interest are marked on the map. But you can add a sign if you want to make sure you can find an area again. One place I suggest doing this for is the Interrogation Room. It’s marked the first time you go there, but the marker disappears after the first part of that quest. So either memorize where it was or place a marker. I also like using signs when I’m hunting for a specific essence and I find a spot with the creature I need to kill for it. • On my map, there’s a little pond right below my crash site, but there are no fishing spots. You can craft fish food and put it in that water to make a fishing spot so you have one (or more!) right at home. Fishing is necessary to find certain ingredients, but you can also catch Fatheaded Slurpers, which heal over 400 HP. • You can use water bombs to make plants grow instantly.

Crafty Contact Quest:

This quest confused me because I didn’t realize I was supposed to head to Powaapol, which is marked by a red dot. You can see it on my map below, but it might be different on yours. The resonant substance that can be used as a transmitter can be found there. final-192


Help Baakfleep Get Home:

Baakfleep is just scared of fire. You don’t have to actually take him home. Just use the Hearth make him a Stony Burn Salve and he’ll go home on his own. final-163

Giant Fossilized Femur:

Some recipes call for a Giant Fossilized Femur. These can usually be found where rocky areas meet void. It looks like this: final-164

The Butterfly:

There’s a level 11 legendary weapon called the Butterfly. I believe I got the recipe from a quest. (Apparently it’s from Flak at Grandmammy’s place.) The Oddly Shaped Crystal is confusing, as it doesn’t say where to get it. I actually got it from a Dusk Crystal I planted at my home base. I’m not sure if that matters or it can be found in any Dusk Crystal. But it makes a pretty nice sword, so I recommend hunting for it. If you’re trying to find Dusk Crystal, they can usually be found on the yellowish sand-like terrain far from your crash site. final-160



Interrogation Room:

The interrogation room disappears from your map after you visit it the first time. I suggest placing a sign down so you can find it again. But here’s where it was on my map. Maybe it will be the same for you. final-247


Repentance Quest:

Make sure you remember to pick up this quest from Dernd in Powaapol. I missed it and went back at the end. He’ll ask you to plant eight Logtrees around Powaapol, so do that. Make sure to set some Furdle Durt first. He’ll then send you to Marlaapol to seek out a shrine. Find a rock with a little plant sprouting from it. Kill all the creatures around it and you’ll hear the Voice of Baary. Go back to Dernd in Powaapol. He’ll then move to Marlaapol. Next, go to Baarnapol and speak to Baakfleep. He’ll decide to move to Marlaapol, as well. Meet him back there and talk to him. Some Tartil will appear and attack you. Finish them off and talk to Dernd again. This will then lead into the Fungus Among Us quest. final-212




Fungus Among Us Quest:

This follows the Repentance Quest. You need to find the Cultist’s Den. It’s called Cultist Compound on the map. Go inside and talk to Husharsha. He’ll ask you to kill Hrak the Wat and Vug the Zug. Go find them and kill them. I found shark above the compound and Vug below it. Talk to Husharsha again. He’ll tell you you to get a dark tribute for Baary of twenty dusk shards and ten Straddlebark. Get them and give them to him. He then asks for eleven more Straddlebark and seven Bulbi. Get them for him. He’ll then tell you to meet him at Marlaa Shrine, but it’s labeled Baary Shrine, so that’s a bit confusing. Before you head over there, grab the two security keys lying around the compound. You can use them to open up the two doors to access different treasure chests. final-216







Now, head over Barry’s Shrine but under the cover of darkness. So if it’s not night, you can change it to night by taking out a bed and sleeping. Talk to Husharsha again and get ready for a boss battle against Baary. You can also watch my boss battle below. final-224


The Labyrinth:

To find the Labyrinth, head to the area shown on your map. Walk around until you see an empty void. Walk around the edges. If it’s the right place, it should start forming a triangle and you’ll see a stone at each corner. Tap all three rocks and the Labyrinth will appear. Then you’ll have to make some gravel bombs for the quest givers (sorry, I forgot their names) and they’ll blow open a doorway for you.

Find all the treasure and brace yourself for the Blockstock battle. I wore him down using my Ancient Glutterfly pet (tier 2) and flamethrower, as well as some bombs. I basically ran around him, keeping my distance but aggro-ing him so my pet would keep attacking. Around the halfway point he’ll get some little flying helpers that you’ll also need to avoid. final-172

The Baconweed Fairy Quest:

This is a tricky quest because only part of it is marked on the map. So first, find the Square Lake, which should be marked on your map. Build a floor bridge out to the middle and you’ll see a square of rocks with one baconweed flower. Mine was to the west, so I headed west in a straight line. But it might be different for you, because the maps are procedurally generated. You eventually get to a much bigger island surrounded by water. You won’t be able to see the fairy until you’re already on the island. But those markers you see near quest areas can be found here, too. When you see those markers (circled in the image below), build another bridge. But make sure you’re ready for a boss battle! This guy shoots teeth and he’s a lot harder to beat than Blockstock, the Labyrinth boss. His teeth are homing missiles. Later on he’ll shoot blue spheres in every direction. My tier 2 Zug (Zug Lug) was a huge help in defeating him. You get a Baconband and Scarecrow as rewards.







High Ground:

The final boss of the Savannah world is Hewgodooko aka Hewgo (the floating head who took down your ship) and he’s in the final room at High Ground. He has a number of different attacks, including lasers to rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Around 1/3 into the battle, he’ll spawn some creatures to help him and it gets a little hectic. I almost defeated him on my first try, but the whole floor filled up with red and I lost. Still, I think he’s easier than the Baconweed Fairy. Go in prepared! I defeated him using a Zug Lug pet, a wrench (actually useless on him), a flamethrower, and DBOT. final-174

The Bawg:

The first map is called Savanna. Once you defeat Hewgo at High Ground, you can go to the Creeping Rift and use the Bawgaporter to teleport to the Bawg. Here you will get a Trowel recipe, but you need to kill some Vomma to get Vlap before you can make it.





Bawg Creatures, Plants, and Minerals:

Vomma, Wojack, Throak, Snorble, Satgat, Bamli final-177

Bloo, Tusker, Jollychomp, Splinter, Blegh, Nurva, Clossom, Tuber, Artree, Pikkaye, Pyn, Bawg Fishing, Thrombyte, Bone Spur, Bawg Hair. final-178


Petty Theft Quest:

Once you pick up this quest, you’ll need to use the Jacksaw (Tier 3 saw) to harvest 20 Nurva seeds. Also, go to Savannah and make some water bombs. Then, go back to Oocrankinax and find the room surrounded by Furdle Blelch. Plant all 20 Nurva seeds and use the water bombs on them to make them grow instantly. Go back to Rikrool and Croon to complete the quest. final-179


The Petty Theft quest is a long one. You’ll eventually get the Granvil from there, too.

Bawg Tips:

• In Bawg, use Jollychomps to kill creatures near them. A Jollychomp can take out a small Vomma, or damage bigger ones.

• You can also save yourself some Bloo by seeking out groups of Jollychomp. When one explodes, the others will, too. I also suggest setting down some Furdle Blulch and planting Jollybabs in one area so you can blow them all up at once. With a water bomb, you can keep growing them fast so you’ll get more Jolly Fulmar. • Carry around some signs in the Bawg. Place them down when you find a group of a plant that’s hard to find, like Pikkaye. Pikkaye only grows in a few spots for me, so I put a sign down at each one. They regrow in the same spot, so you’ll always know where to look.

• Make yourself some healing potions as soon as you get the Cauldron and some recipes. The healing potions in Bawg are powerful and the ingredients are easy to find. The Grenamel Healing Potion even restores over 9000 HP! • Get a Tier 2 pet Vomma as soon as possible! They’re so strong! And Tier 3 is just a killing machine! (Note: They’re nerfing Vomma, cutting his attack power by 25%. Do enjoy it while it lasts!) You can see it in action here:

• If you’re hunting Satgat, look for them near acid pools. • Once you have the recipe for it, I recommend making the Mini Dirigible. It will allow you to fly over water, which is everywhere in the Tundra. I recommend you make it before leaving the bog. I looted the Blimpsack off a Snorble. final-193


Hunting Gloated Glutterfly:

You don’t get the schematic to upgrade your Glutterfly pet to tier 3 (epic) until you’re already in Bawg. But you need to go back to Savanna to hunt them. They’re very rare. I recommend taking a bed with you and staying out for a few nights, walking around any Glutterflies you see. If you see Wats, pull in closer to the crash site, because you’ll see more Wats than Glutterflies the further you get. You only need to find and kill two of them, though! final-184

Goldbait Snare:

One of the quests has you laying a piece of gold as bait. You need to use build mode to place it anywhere inside Toochoochooinax (sorry, it might be a different name and location at that point of the quest. Maybe Oocrankinax. I think they change the names every time someone moves in or out and they move the place.

There’s a teleporter right outside, so I didn’t notice until later). img_1319

Shrouded Myths Quest (Uncover the Other Half):

If, like me, you started this quest and then forgot what you were supposed to do — it has to do with the relics. You need to go to each relic site and chop down a plant to get a piece of the relic. There are two pieces, one at each site. Go back to Jak at Grandmammapol when you have both. final-182




What Cannot Be Named Quest (Get the Codewall):

If, like me, you can’t remember what you’re supposed to do to get the Codewall, the quest is from Hissix at the Thresher Colony. He wants you to go to the Old Thresher Camp and pick up the Codewall, which is apparently this thing I circled below. I circled the Old Thresher Camp on my map so you can see what it looks like. final-189




Here’s how to make Thrombyte Fybrins. First, use the Centrifuge to make a Thrombopump. You may need to get the Fibrins of Industry part of the Petty Theft quest to get the schematic for it (pictured below). Then, find one of these weird globules called Thrombye and use the pump on it. Now, you can use it like a workstation to make Thrombyte Fybrins using Bloo and Vlap. Just make sure to take it with you when you leave! final-185




The Blood Root:

After helping Tikki out, you’ll get the schematic for The Blood Root, a legendary level 24 hammer. You need to get an Everlasting Pulp, which I think I looted from a Bone Spur, but I could be wrong. I know that I got it from something in my garden, though.



Toomah’s Cove:

The Intensive Treatment quests ends at Toomah’s Cove in a boss battle against Toomah. It’s pretty crazy, but I took care of him pretty swiftly with my Epic Vomma. You get the Clawbox and Bloodball schematics when you beat him.


Haast Spirit Grounds:

The Shrouded Myths quest takes you to the Haast Spirit Grounds, where you’ll eventually battle the boss Ynnix. I managed to defeat him fairly easily, even though lots of things were flying. Again, my Epic Vomma and DBOT were incredibly useful. You’ll get the Weakness Detector and Swapscope schematics for your efforts.




Jessica’s Den:

Jessica is a boss that’s part of that What Cannot Be Named quest. It wasn’t too bad, as I ink she had a lot less health than the other bosses. You’ll get a Life Enforcer schematic and 4 Sightless Vomma Essences from the battle. You’ll also get a Retina Mounted Spice Injector recipe when you return to Hissix. final-191

Krakalaka Ruins:

There’s another boss battle with Hewgo at the end of this dungeon. First, take out all the named beasts that are part of the Petty Theft quest. At the end, Juicebox will say you’re done, but if you continue walking, you’ll encounter Hewgo again. You’ll get the Optimized Gamepad schematic for defeating him. You can watch my boss battle using a Powerful (tier 2) Bamli in the video below:

Strange Vomma Bug:

The developer said that this bug is staying in the game, so be careful. If you pause the game while a Vomma has it’s mouth open and is in middle of spitting projectiles, keep the game pause for a bit, then this happens when you resume. I tried it with my pet Vomma also and it worked!






The third map is called Tundra. Once you defeat Hewgo again in the Bawg, head to Coldfat Bluff to find the teleporter to Tundra, the Creepstone Podguard. You might want to move your home there. You’ll also get a Shirkbeak Pickaxe recipe here, but you need to kill some Shirks for their beaks (duh!) before you can make it. final-195

Tundra Creatures, Plants, and Minerals:

Shirk, Glaser, Slurb, Lyff, Blastcrab, Gallum, Gulanti final-202

Furgrasp, Spiregg, Smashblossom, Conjoined Perp, Geysir, Hard Core, Parapod, Fanged Strangler, Boreole, Tundra School fishing, Bluff, Flailtree, Flungus, Coppersponge, Pipedirt, Icequill, Liquideon, Crystine, Magmite Mound, Depressurized Larva, Bunnion. The Bunnion doesn’t show up in my compendium. I think it’s a bug. I posted a separate photo of it. final-203




Careful with Smashblossoms. If you get too close to them when the orange part reaches the top, they’ll attack. You need to cut them down before the orange piece makes its way all the way up. final-197


Geysers shoot ice up into the air when you hack at them. They’re incredibly satisfying to watch break, but pay attention to where the ice will land so you don’t get hit! You can also try and steer enemies into the path to damage them. You can see the Guysirs in action in this video I made:

Tundra Tips: • There’s a *lot* of water in the Tundra. I suggest making the Mini Dirigible before you leave Bawg, as it lets you fly over water. See my Bawg section for more info on it. I know it says you can only fly for 10 seconds, but if you’re over water when it runs out, you’ll continue flying. Yes, it’s an exploit and they might fix it in the future. But for now, it’s useful and preferable to building floor constantly.


• Here’s another exploit. If you fly over the water while fighting a flightless enemy, they won’t be able to attack you, but you can damage them. final-198

• I also recommend doing your Tundra fishing while flying, as it makes it easier to reach more fishing spots.

• Get the Clarm and Searchlight as soon as possible, as they’ll make your Epic Vomma even more epic! Mining Helmet:

The mining helmet is used to embiggen your tier 2 Wojack to an Epic Wojack.

I looted it in Tundra from a Smashblossom, but it’s probably a random drop. The schematic is used with the Shredbasket workstation.

I haven’t been able to find an Epic Tartil schematic, even though I’m in the Tundra already. If anyone got one, I’d love to know what you looted it from. Thanks in advance! Slurrifier:

The Slurrifier is a workstation that refines Guysir Slurry into Karboan, Meltor, and Technium. You also need Parapods for it, so I recommend planting some in pots. You’ll need a lot of them! Flungus:

Flung us are like giant Jollychomps. You toss them a Flailpod and they explode. Liquideon:

Liquideon is very rare and, unfortunately, needed for some late-game recipes. It can be found primarily in the green areas where the Gallum live. It looks like orange goo. final-186

Epic Gallum and Gulanti:

I think the developers knew that the Epic Gallum and Gullanti are too hard to kill, even with the final set of equipment. You get 3 essences of each from two different quests, which are all that are needed for the schematics to evolve them. So don’t worry about hunting them down. Just get all the quests done. Final Set of Legendary Equipment:

The final set of equipment doesn’t come with your workstation. Instead, you have to loot each piece randomly. They each start with “Lons” and are quite a powerful level 35 legendary set. final-261





Demon Feet Quest

I came across this little guy in the Tundra. I killed him and got a legendary item called Torso Demon Skin. Turns out he’s part of a quest. You get the Demon Feet quest from Brickabrack after helping them get rid of Kryll so they can set up G.H.Q. He’ll give you a recipe for Demon Boots, which are legendary level 27 leg armor.





Tender Cuts Quest:

The “Oon’s Following” part of this quest confused me a little at first. I found the Bawg land in the middle of the water, but forgot that I needed to cover it in Smashblossom flooring. So find the spot labeled “Oon’s Creep 1” on the map, cover the Bawg with Smashblossom floors and then return to Oon. final-230



The next part of the quest, “Cutting Out the Bad,” involves going to Oon’s Creep 2 and finding another piece of Bawg land. This time, though, you’ll have to clear it of and Epic Snorble and Throak before you can cover it with Smashblossoms floors. final-233


Big Red:

After you complete the Firehouse quest, pick up the Firestorm quest from Jak. He’ll ask you to retrieve Big Red from the Secret Keep. Find the Secret Keep on your map and head over there. If you go during the day, you won’t have to fight the Blastcrab Lord. But you do have to fight a Powerful Lyff and Epic Satgat. Also, make sure to bring your Mini Dirigible for flying. Big Red is in the chest at the end. It will show up in the Refinery as a schematic and you can now craft one and take it to Jak.



Not So Extinct Quest (Poteti Boss Battle):

The “Speak With Blajam” part of this quest confused me a bit. I wasn’t sure how to find the Nursery. You just have to go a little bit west of Central Podguard to find Blajam. He’ll then ask you to clear 10 Shirks from the area. Do so and then he’ll give you a Stuffed Shirk schematic and ask you to make him two of those. Then, he’ll ask you to kill Jerrs, the Grert Whert Shirk (yeaaahhhh). I found him very close by. Kill him, and then the calfs will go missing. Cut down some Furgrasps until you get 3 Strange Tufts. Blajam doesn’t recognize the fur, so you have to find and ask Buhduhn about it. final-238




It turns out the almost-extinct Poteti stole the calfs. You have to go find the Poteti Den, which is apparently at the Snunes, whatever that means. Prepare for a boss battle against the Poteti, which is basically a Yeti! He shoots ice shards and they have a really long range, so be very careful. The den looks almost like a little gray bullseye. You can see my fight with him below. final-242


Triggerstone Temple:

The Records of Sorrow quest will lead you to a temple in Triggerstone. You’ll have to fight a few Powerful (Tier 2) creatures and then face a boss called E.M.G. I didn’t have much of a problem with him. Take some nice, strong potions and a good pet. My pet of choice was Vomma. There’s a laser eye that follows you around and walls that come in from different directions. But it’s not too bad if you have the legendary set of equipment. Make sure to open all the treasure chests in the temple. final-210


The I.H.O:

The Farmanomaly quest eventually leads you to the I.H.O. Spotting (Identified Hovering Object), on Grubby’s request. Brace yourself for another boss fight! He’s actually pretty easy if you have the final Lonsdaleite set of legendary equipment and an Epic Vomma pet. Note that at the very end he uses a force field that protects him, so you need to break the force field before you can damage him further. I got the Clarm, Puzzlecube, Cleavebat, and Spacetime Folder schematics as my rewards. When you go back to Sikka, you’ll also get a Thundercall schematic. You can see my boss battle on video below. You’ll get the Heft and Motivator schematics for your trouble. final-237

Special Delivery (Defeat Hewgodooko):

The final boss battle and final quest in the game is to finally defeat Hewgodooko….out in space! The Elderstone teleports you into space, where you’ll battle him one last time.