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Trinkets are crafted items that can be equipped to one of the 4 Trinket slots in the character panel. Trinkets apply bonus stats such as additional damage, damage resistance, and movement speed. They are passive items and do not need to be activated from the hotkey bar.


Trinket Category Recipe Crafting Station Effect
Mercurial Batshoes.png Mercurial Batshoes Speed Wat Wing(22)
Wompit Sinew(13)
Deviltailed Slapper(7)
Gassak Doublesack(3)
Crystal Kiln Increases run speed by 5%
Pedometer.png Pedometer Speed Extracted Tuber(5)
Throak Fluoros(41)
Wojack Spice(5)
Bioloom Every 50 steps you'll burst into a sprint
Rave Tube.png Rave Tube Speed Blube(43)
Throak Jelly(5)
Centrifuge 5% chance on melee attack to gain a turbo speed boost
Optimized Gamepad.png Optimized Gamepad Speed (Harvesting) Bamli Flightbladder(17)
Wojack Spice(5)
Charged Zug Molt(5)
Extracted Tuber(4)
Granvil 15% chance when breaking resources to gain a turbo run speed boost


Trinket Category Damage Type Recipe Crafting Station Effect
Baconband.png Baconband Healing Baconweed(25)
Wompit Sinew(22)
Skinnery 0.25% HP regeneration every second
Medicine Bag.png Medicine Bag Defensive Poison Basic Glue(4)
Wompit Leather(40)
Whistle Borer(14)
Intact Wompit Heart(5)
Skinnery 20% poison damage resistance
Safety Gogs.png Safety Gogs Offensive Critical Strike Glidopus Ink(71)
Basic Glue(5)
Water Balloon(42)
Chemworks Increases critical strike chance by 10%
Glorb.png Glorb Defensive & Offensive Poison Log(58)
Glow Juice(16)
Glutterfly Wingdust(3)
Water Balloon(27)
Chemworks 5% chance to poison enemies and 5% poison resistance
Beakler.png Beakler Offensive Poison Bumpberry(7)
Glidopus Ink(53)
Glutterfly Wingdust(3)
Glidopus Beak(7)
Chemworks 10% chance to poison enemies on melee attacks
Jar of Joom.png Jar of Joom Offensive Poison Gassakmeister(2)
Glutterfly Wingdust(3)
Squathe Boosts your poison damage by 20%
Davy Lamp.png Davy Lamp Defensive Fire Pearl Scale(10)
Tartil Firedamp(4)
Yellow Gem(13)
Fishiminea 20% fire resistance
Grounder.png Grounder Defensive Electric Giant Fossilized Femur(11)
Tartil Pitch(58)
Sea Rope(7)
Fishiminea 20% electric damage resistance
Burny Lidflipper.png Burny Lidflipper Offensive Fire Nitro(2)
Tartil Firedamp(3)
Deviltailed Slapper(6)
Giant Fossilized Femur(10)
Fishiminea Boosts your fire damage by 20%
Shockprod.png Shockprod Offensive Electric Zug Sparkplug(9)
Charged Zug Molt(4)
Wat Fur Tuft(40)
Crystal Kiln 10% chance on melee attack to deal electric damage
Heating Pad.png Heating Pad Defensive Ice Jolly Fulmar(7)
Vomma Babymaker(10)
Wojack Spice(4)
Jollyscope 20% resistance to ice damage and freezing effects
Retina Mounted Spice Injector.png Retina Mounted Spice Injector Other Wojack Spice(4)
Throak Nematocyte(7)
Wojack Cornea(16)
Jackweaver Reduces cooldowns of all items by 15%
Juice Conduit.png Juice Conduit Offensive Electric Wojack Spice(3)
Jolly Fulmar(6)
Wojack Cornea(14)
Jackweaver Boosts electric damage by 20%
Shivly.png Shivly Offensive Ice Throak Nematocyte(8)
Throak Jelly(4)
Jolly Fulmar(7)
Bioloom 10% chance on melee attack to deal ice damage.
Chemwand.png Chemwand Offensive Fire Snorble Mucusak(5)
Satgat Chemoreceptors(6)
Compressor 10% chance to set enemies on fire
Freezy Handpoker.png Freezy Handpoker Offensive Ice Throak Nematocyte(7)
Snorble Airsak(21)
Blood Louse(3)
Satgat Silk(4)
Compressor Boosts ice damage by 20%
Weakness Detector.png Weakness Detector Offensive Critical Strike Satgat Chemoreceptors(4)
Blood Louse(4)
Centrifuge Increases your critical strike damage by 25%
Bloodball.png Bloodball Healing Blood Louse(4)
Centrifuge 5% chance to steal health from enemies on melee attack
Clawbox.png Clawbox Offensive Bleed Clossom(9)
Blood Louse(4)
Satgat Chemoreceptors(5)
Granvil 10% chance on melee attack to cause your target to bleed
Idol of Plagoo.png Idol of Plagoo Offensive Poison Painsulin(5)
Bamli Horn(137)
Thrombyte Fibrin(21)
Granvil Boosts poison damage by 30%
The Heft.png The Heft Offensive Stun Smashblossom Petal(46)
Shredbasket Melee attacks have a 3% chance to stun enemies
Electro Fuzz-Knuckles.png Electro Fuzz-Knuckles Offensive Electric Sodium Chunk(5)
Spiregg Yolk(7)
Strange Tuft(4)
Smashblossom Trunk(65)
Shredbasket Boosts electric damage by 30%
Motivator.png Motivator Speed Glaser Chargenub(7)
Sodium Chunk(5)
Spiregg Shell(16)
Gastropestle Increases move speed by 15% when health is low
Bombcatcher.png Bombcatcher Other Slurb Magnet(11)
Slurb Electrucus(6)
Tumbler Will not consume a bomb and incur no bomb cooldown 25% of the time
Everfire Lampbox.png Everfire Lampbox Offensive Fire Blastcrab Hydrocarbon(5)
Blastcrab Ignition Gland(4)
Pipedirt Pipe(72)
Lyff Crystalshard(5)
Burnchurn Boosts your fire damage by 30%
Searchlight.png Searchlight Pet Icequill(24)
Slurb Electrucus(6)
Refinery Increases your pet's critical hit chance by 20%.
Coldy Spinpopper.png Coldy Spinpopper Offensive Ice Gulanti Zeolite(5)
Depressurized Larva(5)
Refinery Boosts your ice damage by 30%.
Clarm.png Clarm Pet Pipedirt Pipe(87)
Lyff Crystalshard(6)
Foundry Increases your pet's damage by 20%.
The Bubbler.png The Bubbler Other Every 20 seconds a new Bubbly follows you. Explodes for 200% DPS when close to an enemy


Trinket Category Recipe Crafting Station Effect
Wealthy Statuette.png Wealthy Statuette Harvesting Painsulin(5)
Spur Gold(5)
Satgat Silk(5)
Wojack Spice(5)
Granvil 10% chance when breaking resources to find double the normal amount of components
Efficiency Engine.png Efficiency Engine Harvesting Lyff Crystalshard(5)
Flungus Brain(11)
Slurb Electrucus(5)
Burnchurn 5% chance on swing to break resources apart completely
Cleavebat.png Cleavebat Harvesting Lyff Donglespring(9)
Gulanti Chomper(26)
Gulanti Zeolite(5)
Foundry 75% chance to hit nearby identical resources when harvesting.


Trinket Category Recipe Crafting Station Effect
Nasty Lure.png Nasty Lure Fishing Glotus Berries(23)
Tartil Tongue(10)
Fishiminea Increase the number of fish in schools by 40%
Megagong Lure.png Megagong Lure Fishing Jackagong(1)
Gulanti Zeolite(16)
Refinery Gives the abliity to fish the legendary Megagong

Quest Items[]

Trinket Category Information
Entanglement Ring.png Entanglement Ring Other Quest Item