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Basic Info
Biome Bawg
Hardcore Signal Name Gross Signal
Deals Damage Poison, Ice, physical

Toomah is a boss encountered in the Bawg. You'll find it after tracking Toomah's smell with Tixi. It is textured similarly to the Minitoomah that found on infected Satgat, Bamli, Bone Spur, and Bawg acidic pools.


Cancerous mortar: This is Toomah’s most common attack, which it uses for the entire battle frequently. This attack involves Toomah launching explosive cancerous growths at Flux, dealing high poison and physical damage. To add to this, these growths will grow, creating large poisonous areas that are very hard to avoid.

Spitter: The first of Toomah’s creatures. This is sent out of a mortar bomb. Once it lands, a spitting creature similar to a Jollychomp will fire more mortars at Flux. These creatures are incredibly annoying and should be killed as quickly as possible.

Crawler: A small crawling organism that crawls across the ground. It is easier to dodge than a spitter, but is still a large nuisance and should be killed fast.

Flying spitter: These are absolutely horrible to fight. Like Blockstock’s pebble minions, these flying creatures shoot three poisonous chunks at Flux incredibly rapidly. These should be killed very fast to avoid being swarmed by them.


Story Mode[]

Hardcore Mode[]

  • Heating Pad Schematic
  • Wealthy statuette Schematic
  • Orb of Forn (if unlocked via Bscotch ID in Towelflight 2 / Defeat Luhmpz in the Purple Marsh)

Other Bosses[]