Spur Gum

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Spur Gum
Spur Gum.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"You managed to tear this off the foundation of a Spur before you destroyed it. Kind of like a dentist."

Description[edit | edit source]

Spur Gum is a component that drops from the Bone Spur.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Stuffed Satgat.pngStuffed Satgat Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Satgat Exoskeleton.pngSatgat Exoskeleton (12)
Satgat Flesh.pngSatgat Flesh (4)
Grestplate.pngGrestplate Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (27)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (5)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (1)
Grumbler.pngGrumbler Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (6)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (33)
Comb.pngComb Split End.pngSplit End (6)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (4)
Potted Pyn.pngPotted Pyn Pyn.pngPyn (2)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (1)
Spur Seedbomb.pngSpur Seedbomb (3) Spur Seed.pngSpur Seed (3)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (3)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (3)
Stuffed Bamli.pngStuffed Bamli Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (8)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (31)
Painsulin.pngPainsulin Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (1)
Pyn.pngPyn (3)