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Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"When you gaze upon the lustrous sheen of the shell, you begin to hallucinate that you are stranded alone on a planet, fighting for your survival while trying to defeat a limbless alien."

Description[edit | edit source]

Slurbshell is a component that drops from the Slurb.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station

Slurrifier.pngSlurrifier Boreole.pngBoreole (2)
Hard Core.pngHard Core (13)
Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (26)
Slurb Spine.pngSlurb Spine (14)
Slest.pngSlest Karboan.pngKarboan (10)
Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (14)
Squeti.pngSqueti (5)
Coralduster.pngCoralduster (4)
Sloves.pngSloves Squeti.pngSqueti (6)
Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (16)
Coralduster.pngCoralduster (4)
Sloots.pngSloots Squeti.pngSqueti (5)
Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (12)
Ice Skate.pngIce Skate (2)
Reticulator.pngReticulator Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (11)
Slurb Spine.pngSlurb Spine (6)
Karboan.pngKarboan (8)
Hollow.pngHollow Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (11)
Coralduster.pngCoralduster (3)
Karboan.pngKarboan (8)
Magnetic Bracelet.pngMagnetic Bracelet Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (147)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (18)
Slurb Electrucus.pngSlurb Electrucus (10)
Raging Slurb Essence.pngRaging Slurb Essence (14)

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