Slurb Magnet

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Slurb Magnet
Slurb Magnet.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"Slurbs probably use these to amplify their aerobatic spins. This magnet has impeccable craftsmanship."

Description[edit | edit source]

Slurb Magnet is a component that drops from the Slurb.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Bombcatcher.pngBombcatcher Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (11)
Technium.pngTechnium (10)
Slurb Electrucus.pngSlurb Electrucus (6)
Karboan.pngKarboan (58)
Gyroball.pngGyroball Karboan.pngKarboan (9)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (3)
Technium.pngTechnium (2)
Magnetic Bracelet.pngMagnetic Bracelet Slurbshell.pngSlurbshell (147)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (18)
Slurb Electrucus.pngSlurb Electrucus (10)
Raging Slurb Essence.pngRaging Slurb Essence (14)
Fish Magnet.pngFish Magnet (3) Ventsleeper.pngVentsleeper (3)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (3)
Ice Skate.pngIce Skate (3)
Stuffed Slurb.pngStuffed Slurb Karboan.pngKarboan (12)
Slurb Spine.pngSlurb Spine (9)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (2)
Bagpump.pngBagpump Pipedirt Pipe.pngPipedirt Pipe (27)
Blastcrab Hide.pngBlastcrab Hide (7)
Slurb Magnet.pngSlurb Magnet (4)
Lyff Swimbladder.pngLyff Swimbladder (3)

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