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There are 6 shrines that can be found throughout Woanope. These provide various temporary buffs and have a 20 minute cooldown before they can be used again.

Their colour denotes the buff it provides:

Shrine Effect
Bait Shrine.png Bait Shrine Increases the number of fish in schools for 2 minutes.
Flight Shrine.png Flight Shrine Flight, increasing speed and ability to traverse over water for 2 minutes.
Harvest Shrine.png Harvest Shrine Instant harvesting for 60 seconds.
Healing Shrine.png Healing Shrine Heals for twice your health in 118 seconds.
Time Warp Shrine.png Time Warp Shrine Time warp effect for 10 seconds.
Turbo Shrine.png Turbo Shrine 50% speed boost for 60 seconds.