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Type Resource
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal
Biome Savanna

"This grass is super sharp and firm, yet flexible. And it tastes somewhat like lightly toasted marshmallows with a smattering of beef."

Description[edit | edit source]

Sawgrass is one of the first resources you will find in Crashlands. It is mostly used at the Sawmill which is the first crafting station you unlock. It is used in crafting items such as Thatched Walls, Thatched Sawfloors and the first weapon you unlock, the Sawgrass Blade.

Drops Table[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Chance
Sawgrass Blade.pngSawgrass Blade 1-3
Sawgrass Leaf.pngSawgrass Leaf 1-3
Sawgrass Seed.pngSawgrass Seed 1-2
The Hydrablade.pngThe Hydrablade 1 Rare

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