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Savanna Fishing
Savanna Fishing.png
Type Resource
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal
Biome Savanna

"This flurry of fish is easily frightened."


Savanna Fishing is a resource used to fish in. It is found in Savanna waters and requires a Basic Fishing Pole or a fishing bomb like the Chembobber or Fish Magnet to harvest. Fish Food can be dropped in Savanna waters to permanently spawn a fishing school in that location.

Drop Table[]

Item Wieght


Deviltailed Slapper Deviltailed slapper.png
Fatheaded Slurper Fatheaded slurper.png
Pond Shoot Pond shoot.png
Ball Snail Ball Snail.png
Stick Stick.png
Log Log.png
Yellow Gem Yellow Gem.png
Whistle Borer Whistle Borer.png
Gassak Doublesack Gassak Doublesack.png
Squocoon Squocoon.png
Depth Charge Depth Charge.png
Wobblygong Wobblygong.png Very Rare

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