Satgat Silk

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Satgat Silk
Satgat Silk.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Good.png Good

"Harvested from the silkparts of a domesticated Satgat. It's so ridiculously soft, you could probably make a very expensive pair of underpants from it!"

Description[edit | edit source]

Satgat Silk is a crafting component in Crashlands. It is obtained by feeding a Vampry, a Sagtatoe and two Snorble Skins to a domesticated Satgat.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Requirements Amount
Vampry.png Vampry 1
Snorble Skin.png Snorble Skin 2
Sagtatoe.png Sagtatoe 1
Time 00:08
Satgat Silk.png Satgat Silk 1

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Freezy Handpoker.pngFreezy Handpoker Throak Nematocyte.pngThroak Nematocyte (7)
Snorble Airsak.pngSnorble Airsak (21)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (3)
Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (4)
Perpetual Motion Machine.pngPerpetual Motion Machine Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (9)
Vampry.pngVampry (11)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (45)
Zuguardian Essence.pngZuguardian Essence (5)
Unwelcome Mat.pngUnwelcome Mat Vampry.pngVampry (1)
Blood Louse.pngBlood Louse (1)
Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (1)
Wealthy Statuette.pngWealthy Statuette Painsulin.pngPainsulin (5)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (5)
Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (5)
Wojack Spice.pngWojack Spice (5)
Insulated Sweater.pngInsulated Sweater Satgat Silk.pngSatgat Silk (12)
Glaser Silk.pngGlaser Silk (12)
Coralduster.pngCoralduster (48)
Hotblooded Gulanti Essence.pngHotblooded Gulanti Essence (3)

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