Crashlands Wiki

Resources are items found naturally around all biomes in Crashlands which can be harvested, many requiring a specialised tool. These may be resources, components or consumables. Some resources can be farmed through planting in Furdle Durt, Furdle Blulch or Furdle Frost and some can be farmed through planting in pots.


Item Type Plantable Potted
Baconweed.png Baconweed Consumable Yes
Bulbi.png Bulbi Component Yes
Bumpberry.png Bumpberry Component Yes
Dirt.png Dirt Component
Dusk Crystal.png Dusk Crystal Resource Yes
Flatboulder.png Flatboulder Resource
Gassak.png Gassak Resource
Giant Fossilized Femur.png Giant Fossilized Femur Component
Kibweed.png Kibweed Component Yes
Logtree.png Logtree Resource Yes
Night Glotus.png Night Glotus Resource
Savanna Fishing.png Savanna Fishing Resource Yes
Sawgrass.png Sawgrass Resource Yes
Squee.png Squee Resource Yes
Stick.png Stick Component
Straddlebark.png Straddlebark Component Yes
Sunshroom.png Sunshroom Consumable Yes
Walkerroot.png Walkerroot Resource
Whistleroot.png Whistleroot Resource

The Bawg[]

Item Type Plantable Potted
Artree.png Artree Resource Yes
Bawg Fishing.png Bawg Fishing Resource Yes
Bawg Hair.png Bawg Hair Resource Yes
Bawgsack.png Bawgsack Resource
Blegh.png Blegh Resource
Bloo.png Bloo Component
Blulch.png Blulch Component
Bone Spur.png Bone Spur Resource Yes
Clossom.png Clossom Consumable Yes
Jollychomp.png Jollychomp Resource Yes
Nurva.png Nurva Resource Yes
Pikkaye.png Pikkaye Resource
Pyn.png Pyn Consumable Yes
Splinter.png Splinter Resource
Thrombyte.png Thrombyte Resource
Tuber.png Tuber Resource
Tusker.png Tusker Consumable Yes


Item Type Plantable Potted
Bluff.png Bluff Resource
Boreole.png Boreole Component Yes
Bunnion.png Bunnion Consumable Yes
Conjoined Perp.png Conjoined Perp Consumable Yes
Coppersponge.png Coppersponge Component Yes
Crystine.png Crystine Component
Depressurized Larva.png Depressurized Larva Component
Fanged Strangler.png Fanged Strangler Component
Flailtree.png Flailtree Resource Yes
Flungus.png Flungus Resource Yes
Furgrasp.png Furgrasp Resource Yes
Geysir.png Geysir Resource Yes
Hard Core.png Hard Core Resource Yes
Icequill.png Icequill Consumable Yes
Liquideon.png Liquideon Component
Magmite Mound.png Magmite Mound Resource Yes
Parapod.png Parapod Consumable Yes
Permafrost.png Permafrost Component
Pipedirt.png Pipedirt Resource Yes
Smashblossom.png Smashblossom Resource Yes
Spiregg.png Spiregg Resource
Tundra School.png Tundra School Resource Yes