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Maarla is a plant goddess in the Savanna. She has been traditionally worshipped by the Tendraam, a plant-loving, flying race for hundreds of years. Recently however, some Tendraam have been found to worship another being named Baary. Tendraam are not meant to walk on the ground, as "To tread on the ground is to tread on me.", so says Maarla. Touching the ground is seen as a great sin to the Tendraam, and they believe that only plants are allowed to be grounded (this explains why Flux is often known as "Flow'ry", because she cannot fly).


The things Tendraam gather around are strange plant life, which they view as sacred. These strange plants are called glowroots, and are the buds and flowers of Maarla. The Tendraam have magical powers allowing them to coax glowroots to the surface, and they often create their homes around them for good luck and to show their loyalty towards Maarla.