Lyff Donglespring

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Lyff Donglespring
Lyff Donglespring.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"The only organ a Lyff uses to get around. It makes a loud 'BOING' sound when you pull it back and release."

Description[edit | edit source]

Lyff Donglespring is a component that drops from Lyffs.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Lyff Toy Bauble.pngLyff Toy Bauble Lyff Broh Essence.pngLyff Broh Essence (7)
Lyff Donglespring.pngLyff Donglespring (17)
Coppersponge.pngCoppersponge (55)
Flungus Sporebee.pngFlungus Sporebee (51)
Cleavebat.pngCleavebat Lyff Donglespring.pngLyff Donglespring (9)
Gulanti Chomper.pngGulanti Chomper (26)
Alloyonite.pngAlloyonite (16)
Gulanti Zeolite.pngGulanti Zeolite (5)


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