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JuiceBox is a character in Crashlands. He is Flux's trusty sidekick cargo pallet.


JuiceBox helps you along the way giving you advice & crafting recipes as well as many quests that progress the story-line. JuiceBox is the only character that seems to really show that much change in facial expression as if you pay attention to his face it will change depending on if its bored or annoyed. He also becomes invisible every time a battle starts.

At the beginning of the game, Flux mentions that she hand created JuiceBox as a robot with emotions meaning both of them are highly intelligent.

In co-op mode the second player controls JuiceBox, assisting Flux in resource collection, fishing, and combat.


  • When a certain quest is started, JuiceBox instead mentions Flux as his sidekick rather than being Flux's sidekick.
    • This may imply that JuiceBox has a stubborn attitude more than he actually shows and is disappointed in being a sidekick.