Jessica is a boss in Crashlands. It is also Known as What Cannot Be Named. It breaths fire (fire damage), shooting explosions from her segments (poison damage), creates shooting plants (physical damage) , and charges at the player (physical damage). Jessica is usually called What Cannot be Named by the Brubus, especially Threshers.

Basic Info
Biome Bawg
Hardcore Signal Name Jilted Signal
Deals Damage Physical, Fire, Poison

Equipment Strategy

  • Prepare Ranged equipment, such as Flamethrower, Blo-Pipe, or Fingarang, and a bunch of bombs (Vompole Clusterbomb, Depth Charge, and Firecracker are effective). Getting near Jessica without the DBot is too risky.
  • Using a combination of the DBot and the Chrono Shifter can really help, if you have high DPS and Bicep Powers.
  • Always bring stocks of Anger Omelet and Bleghmar Treat, as they can increase damage output and critical chance of your pet respectively. Combine this with Vomma pet, one can defeat Jessica within minutes.
  • Various Elixir can be used too, especially the Elixir of Fireproofing.
  • A Wompit or Bamli pet is also very useful, as each segment of Jessica's body takes damage separately, and the attacks can hit many segments, compounding the damage dealt. The flamethrower also deals area damage, making it very effective


Story Mode

Hardcore Mode

  • Juiceforge Schematic (Re-Roll Items and stack wished stats. Very important for high difficulties.)
  • Nematoblaster Schematic (Deals ranged ice damage)
  • Terrifying Fetish Schematic (Activate gadget for a 10 seconds speed boost)
  • The Bubbler (if unlocked via bscotch ID Perk: Defeat Luhmpz in the Purple marsh of Death in Towelfight 2)

Other Bosses

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