Hydrablade Woodshankers

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Hydrablade Woodshankers
Hydrablade Woodshankers.png
Type Gloves
Level 3
Quality Item Quality Legendary.png Legendary

"Don't scratch your nose with these bad boys on."

Description[edit | edit source]

You're starting off a new game, unsure of what to do, chopping down some sawgrass with your new saw, when BAM! THE HECK?! IT'S A MUTANT GRASS?? What is a Hydrablade?! You then begin to wonder why you are getting so excited about a blade of grass, but after all, who doesn't want a pair of some SWEET-LOOKING WOODSHANKERS? You? oh... Well then never mind then.

Also these are Level 3 legendary gloves.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Requirements Amount
Log.png Log 48
Sawgrass Leaf.png Sawgrass Leaf 17
The Hydrablade.png The Hydrablade 1
Time 00:30
Hydrablade Woodshankers.png Hydrablade Woodshankers 1

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