Glidopus Siphon

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Glidopus Siphon
Glidopus Siphon.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"It's strong and rubbery, like an old garden hose. Or maybe like a new one, if it were a strong and rubbery new one."

Description[edit | edit source]

One of the crafting components in Crashlands. They are obtained as drops from Glidopus creatures in the Savanna.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Water Pump.pngWater Pump Flatstone.pngFlatstone (30)
Intact Wompit Heart.pngIntact Wompit Heart (3)
Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (26)
Siphon Floor.pngSiphon Floor Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (10)
Stuffed Glidopus.pngStuffed Glidopus Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (9)
Blastique.pngBlastique (2)
Glidopus Beak.pngGlidopus Beak (2)
Glidopus Ink.pngGlidopus Ink (9)
Squittens.pngSquittens Squee Husk.pngSquee Husk (11)
Squee Barrel.pngSquee Barrel (4)
Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (12)
Squaps.pngSquaps Blastique.pngBlastique (3)
Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (14)
Balloon Cluster.pngBalloon Cluster Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (10)
Gassak Gas Sack.pngGassak Gas Sack (2)
Bumpberry.pngBumpberry (2)
Flatstone Gravel.pngFlatstone Gravel (3)
Water Balloon.pngWater Balloon Glidopus Siphon.pngGlidopus Siphon (3)
Sawgrass Blade.pngSawgrass Blade (3)
Water Pump.pngWater Pump

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