Crashlands Wiki

Welcome to Woanope! Sorry to see your ship is in a currently unusable condition, Flux. I'm sure there's enough resources here somewhere to get you back into space, and if not you only have to last until the the Bureau picks your packages--I mean, picks you and Juicebox up.

Around you, you'll find there are many resources that you can collect; everything from sticks and flowers that you can pick up, to logs and rocks you can cut down... when you have the right tools. Every resource you collect goes into your inventory, but don't worry the suit will manage it so you can pick up as much as you like and it won't weigh a thing! Isn't that nifty?

Resources can be crafted into items using the workstations. Juicebox will give you the first one, but the rest can be found in the previously created workstation. They basically level up as you do, and as you get more experienced with collecting resources and fighting creatures you unlock new workstations and new recipes. Oh yeah, you need recipes. A lot of recipes. You can find them by collecting more resources, defeating more creatures, or completing quests.

To begin with it's recommended that you just explore the planet's surface. Check out all the resources you can find laying around, pick up what you can collect, break what you can break, and read all the dialogue. Juicebox is there to help you, as is your Bureaupedia - the little book in the bottom left of your HUD. It contains all the information on the quest you're currently working in the form of the last dialogue engaged in regarding that quest, plus it has any other quests you've gained recently which you can click through to check out the dialogue for as well, and has a rundown of all the items and creatures you've encountered so far with a little summary of each item and what it gives you if you break or defeat it. Your Bureaupedia is your inbuilt survival guide, so keep referring to it if you need a little help finding the right direction.

Your HUD also has an inbuilt map, so if you can't find your way or need to figure out the closest area that might contain a resource you need, you can click that and get a lay of the land showing everywhere you've been so far. It doesn't show direct resources, but it can lead you towards a quest area in the form of a large circle of land that may or may not be in an area you've explored. If you've been asked to go somewhere; to a town or a place or a general area but can't see it on the map when you open it, try zooming out. There's a plus (+) and minus (-) button that will let you zoom, and the arrow keys will help you search around the map.

You can even use the waypoint marker to help direct you to where you need to go. All you have to do is click the icon then click anywhere on the map that you want to go. You'll notice it places a little arrow on the map, and when you exit out of your HUD you'll see a little compass mark in the bottom right hand side of the screen that points you in the direction of that mark. Neato! You can adjust this as often as you like, but you can only have one waypoint at a time.

Once you've got a bunch of resources it's time to 'craft'... and by craft we mean "Throw them in a workstation and hope for the best that something cool will come out of it." When you click on a workstation you'll see a bunch of icons representing everything that workstation can create. Some of them will be greyed out meaning you haven't collected the recipes for those yet, but once you do that's where you'll make them. Any recipe that's colored in is one you can access, and clicking on a colored icon will show you what that icon is, what it does, and how to make it. If the image is highlighted and brightly colored you even have the right resources in your inventory to make it right now!

If you're after a specific recipe for a quest or to progress, such as tools or more workstations or quest items, you can click on the icon and highlight the "Track" option. This will bring up the resources needed to craft the item in your HUD, including how many total of each resource you need and how many you currently have. When you've collected all the resources you need you can head back to the workstation shown to actually make the item. This way you don't forget while you're out and about. Very cool.

Last thing you'll need to know about is the hotbar. These are your 4 most used items you'll need access to. You can choose what's equipped in each slot in the inventory menu (the big button on the bottom left that looks a lot like you, Flux). You can narrow it down to potions, bombs, etc using the right side of icons. And you can swap out your weapons, armor or trinkets easily enough. Just click on the inventory slot you want to switch out, chose the item you'd like to replace it with by highlight it, and then click the "equip" option to swap them around. You can load your hotbar up with any combination of items you like, so go nuts. Swap them out as necessary... load it up with potions or weapons for boss battles... have a bunch of healing potions for when you're fighting off creatures, or just have all your space duck pies at hand for a quick snack. It's completely up to you. Yum Yum!

Well, I think that's all the basics you'll need to know, Flux. Best of luck with your survival, and don't forget to take care of those packages. Your pension is riding on it. Signing off The Bureau.