Gadgets and Devices

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Gadgets and Devices, like Bombs are items that can be equipped in the character panel to be added to the hotkey bar.

Item Type Recipe Crafting Station Effect
Device Stuns creatures at a distance (and clears broken ship parts in the beginning cutscene)
Device Flatstone(68)
Yellow Gem(9)
Basic Glue(5)
Stoneshaper Temporarily stun your opponents for 2 seconds by hitting them directly in the face
Gadget Yellow Gem(12)
Whistle Borer(22)
Glotus Berries(22)
Stoneshaper DBot will make you temporarily invincible
Device Whistleroot Reed(93)
Sawgrass Leaf(26)
Chemworks Poisons enemies for 100% of your DPS
Device Nitro(3)
Tartil Firedamp(4)
Petrified Amber(34)
Fishiminea Deals 100% of your DPS as fire damage in an area.
Device Watfinger(8)
Dusk Shard(13)
Wat Wing(22)
Zug Shell(69)
Crystal Kiln Applies a bleed to enemies for 100% of your DPS.
Gadget Vomma Babymaker(11)
Zug Sparkplug(10)
Jollyscope Restore 50% of your missing HP
Gadget Dusk Prism(12)
Ancient Watch Parts(1)
Jollyscope Slow down time for everything but yourself
Gadget Jollybab(11)
Wojack Cilia(13)
Wojack Spice(4)
Jackweaver Provides a turbo speed boost for 10 seconds.
Gadget Charged Zug Molt(4)
Dendrite Spine(7)
Jackweaver Summons 3 lightning balls that will shock your enemies when you strike them for 70% of your DPS!
Device Throak Tentacle(68)
Throak Nematocyte(7)
Wojack Cilia(11)
Bioloom Deals 100% of your DPS as ice damage.
Gadget Blimpsack(1)
Blood Louse(12)
Snorble Skin(145)
Compressor Grants temporary flight for increased movement speed, and for traversing water
Gadget Snorble Airsak(28)
Wojack Cornea(20)
Extracted Tuber(4)
Compressor Instantly trade places with your pet
Device Vampry(5)
Blood Louse(4)
Throak Nematocyte(8)
Extracted Tuber(4)
Centrifuge Deals 100% of your DPS as poison damage to your target and nearby targets.
Device Bamstache(33)
Spur Gold(5)
Thrombyte Fibrin(21)
Granvil Deals 100% of your DPS as lightning damage to your target and all nearby targets as well.
Gadget Glaser Chargenub(7)
Glaser Antler Fragment(39)
Gastropestle Draws a laser between you and your pet, which you can drag across enemies to damage them for 75% of your DPS.
Device Karboan(58)
Slurb Electrucus(6)
Tumbler Deals 70% of your DPS as ice damage and freezes enemies
Gadget Physics Research(1)
Lyff Leather(92)
Slurb Electrucus(16)
Flungus Brain(33)
Burnchurn Teleport yourself in battle
Gadget Blastcrab Hydrocarbon(6)
Blastcrab Ignition Gland(5)
Refinery Burns enemies for 100% of your DPS
Gadget Lonsdaleite(33)
Gulanti Elecore(7)
Glaser Chargenub(7)
Foundry Strike enemies with lightning every second while the storm persists, each strike damaging for 75% of your DPS.
Gadget Smashes enemies
Gadget Emits three lasers that circle around Flux.
Item Type Effect
Device This key probably opens up a chest or something... something like that. WHO KNOWS?
Device This high-tech key probably goes into a high-tech door!