Crashlands Wiki

There are nineteen different Eggs in Crashlands. Every egg can be obtained once.

Eggs can drop from any creature that is the largest variant like for example: Wompit Bull. Bosses can't drop eggs. Each egg can be crafted into an incubator. When an incubator is crafted, Flux can place it on a floor. If the egg is left alone for five minutes, Flux can tap it to make it hatch, and poke the hatched creature to name it. Every creature can be named only once, so choose carefully. later you can rename it with an item crafted a Hearth.

Due to a rare bug, it is sometimes possible to obtain the same egg more than once.


Creature Egg
Wompit Wompit Egg.png
Glutterfly Glutterfly Egg.png
Glidopus Glidopus Egg.png
Tartil Tartil Egg.png
Wat Wat Egg.png
Zug Zug Egg.png
Vomma Vomma Egg.png
Wojack Wojack Egg.png
Throak Throak Egg.png
Snorble Snorble Egg.png
Satgat Satgat Egg.png
Bamli Bamli Egg.png
Shirk Shirk Egg.png
Glaser Glaser Egg.png
Slurb Slurb Egg.png
Lyff Lyff Egg.png
Blastcrab Blastcrab Egg.png
Gallum Gallum Egg.png
Gulanti Gulanti Egg.png