Crashlands Wiki
Basic Info
Biome Tundra
Hardcore Signal Name Encrypted Signal
Deals Damage Physical, Fire, Electric

It is found on the quest lines found at the shattered scar. E.M.G will start with popping his eyeball out and shooting lasers at you with it, and summoning a firewall. He will also launch a bunch of missles at you. For the second round, he will launch 1 huge fire missle as big as himself at you, and will continiue to do the same attacks.

Appearance: A huge green ugly robot stone with a red eye with no pupil and a tan eye with a pupil that he shoots out at you shooting lasers from it.


Buffs are recommended yet not necessary due to the lack of attacks as most of the fight become repetitive. E.M.G. is immune to any electrical damage and therefore some of the most powerful item combos become useless. Items such as but not limited to: Pedometer, D-Bot, Chronoshifter, Terrifying Fetish are very useful to not get hit by the firewall attack and potentially outrun the laser from the floating eyeball if needed. E.M.G. is a stationary boss and all pets are viable, but those with high damage are the most effective due to most hits being successful. Long range gadgets are also really useful as they allow you to dodge most attacks while also chipping away at the health.


Story Mode[]

  • binoculars

Hardcore Mode[]

Other Bosses[]