Crashlands Wiki

This page lists the different Creatures in Crashlands. These are initially enemies, but can be tamed through hatching Eggs in incubators and upgraded through Creature Catalysts. When used as a pet, creatures provide a variety of symbiosis effects.

Name Normal Powerful Epic
Wompit Wompit.png Sterling wompit heifer.png Womplord.png
Glutterfly Glutterfly drone.png Ancient glutterfly drone.png Bloated glutterfly.png
Glidopus Glidopus hatchling.png Verdant glidopus.png Elder glidopus.png
Tartil Tartil.png Filthy tartil.png Blood tartil.png
Wat Wat.png Mam grandwat.png Ancient shadowy wat.png
Zug Zug.png Zug dug lug.png Zuguardian.png

Bawg Creatures[]

Name Normal Powerful Epic
Vomma Vomma.png Tempered vomma momma.png Sightless vomma.png
Wojack Wojack digling.png Sticky wojack.png Bleached wojack.png
Throak Throak.png Giant malicious throak.png Bawgblood throak.png
Snorble Snorble.png Bloated burnt snorble.png Depressurized snorble.png
Satgat Satgat.png Sensitive satgat.png Desaturated satgat.png
Bamli Bamli.png Wily bamli stashster.png Raving bamli.png

Tundra Creatures[]

Name Normal Powerful Epic
Shirk Shirk.png Gert berg shirk.png Redwing shirk.png
Glaser Glaser fawn.png Royal glaser doe.png Greybearded glaser.png
Slurb Slurb.png Horrible raging slurb.png Sleepless slurb.png
Lyff Lyff.png Dueven lyff broh.png Max lyff.png
Blastcrab Blastcrab.png Pressurized blastcrab.png Liquid-cooled blastcrab.png
Gallum Gallum.png Lumbering calcified gallum.png Monochromatic gallum.png
Gulanti Gulanti.png Engorged jumpy gulanti.png Hotblooded gulanti.png