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Crafty Contact is a questline in Crashlands and is the very first questline given to the player. It is a series of important story-related quests, as they lead up to building a communications device to contact the Bureau of Shipping.


Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Well you've still got one left! Let's finish this delivery.
Flux.png Flux : What about that alien maniac who just BLEW UP THE SHIP?!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : We just need to contact the Bureau of Shipping so they can send a Space Rescue Space Truck before he shows up again. SOOOO we'll need to build an advanced Comm Device.
Flux.png Flux : With sticks and flowers? Guess we should get a base of operations started. This will take some doing.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : I'll deploy the SURVIVAL STATION just South of the Escape Pod. Why don't you make some floors out of this sawgrass? Throw some blades into the Survival Station to build them.
To do
Create 1 Set (which are 10) of Thatched Sawfloor.png Thatched Sawfloor. You will need to cut down Sawgrass.png Sawgrass to do so, which you can cut down without a tool.
Reward for getting the Quest
A BS SSSS SS5.png BS SSSS SS5 Crafting Station appears near to your escape pod.
Useful hints
At this point Flux will have no Tools, but besides of cutting Sawgrass.png Sawgrass you can pick up Stick.png Sticks, Kibweed.png Kibweed, Dirt.png Dirt without any tools. You can also pick up Baconweed.png Baconweed, which heals Flux for 81 HP. Just pick it up with you on the run.


Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : Is it the HAMMER ICON in the bottom left of this visor's interface? I swear, they change the UI with every update.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Yep, Just open that up and put down some flooring!
To do
Place some of the created floors with the Build mode.

Build the Saw[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : NICE! Hey, I see some tree-like things out in the distance. You could cut those down for wood!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Let me use my analysis engine to design a good tool! *HEEEEEEERRGHHHHH*
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Your visor tracks the materials you need in the upper right corner. Now get to building this thing!
To do
Create a Sawgrassaw.png Sawgrassaw.
Reward for getting the Quest
Sawgrassaw.png Sawgrassaw Schematic
Useful hints
Besides Sawgrass Blade.png Sawgrass Blades you will need Stick.png Sticks to create the saw.

It's Milling Time[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Why don't you doodle a Sawmill into existence, then? We'll need better stations to get a proper Comm Device built anyway.
Flux.png Flux : Ah yes, a Sawmill will let us HARNESS THE POWER OF WOOD!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Wood it, though? WOOD IT?
Flux.png Flux : Yes. It wood. Hehehehe! How can I tell if I have enough of the parts for it when I'm out exploring?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Slap the enormous "TRACK" button next to "BUILD" when you're inside the Survival Station - that'll put the components on your HUD!
Flux.png Flux : Sweet, it's like a grocery list burned into my eyes! I'll do that before heading out.
To do
Create a Sawmill.png Sawmill.
Reward for getting the Quest
Sawmill.png Sawmill Crafting Station Schematic
Useful hints
With the Sawgrassaw.png Sawgrassaw you can harvest Logtree.png Logtrees and Whistleroot.png Whistleroots now. For The Sawmill you'll only need Log.png Logs from Logtrees, but you can start to harvest Whistleroots also. If harvesting Whistleroots be aware of Glidopus matriarch.png Glidopi, because they get aggressive by harvesting them and they are overleveld, which means they'll deal massive damage to you at this point of the game. It may be useful to gather some more than the required Logs, because you'll need more of them in the follow up quests - at the beginning 70 logs are solid. Also don't stop to harvest the other stuff since you'll need many of them at this point of the game. If it gets darker, you will get the Nightlight Questline from Juicebox, to get your torch. If harvesting Sawgrass, there's a small chance the The Hydrablade.png Hydrablade drops - you will get the Wild Claws questline, which is finished if you crafted one pair of Hydrablade Woodshankers.

Saw Horse[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : Er... where did it go?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : It's in your suit! Use Build Mode and hit the Infinity symbol to access all the structures you've got stored in there. Then you can select the Sawmill and put it wherever there's some sturdy flooring!
To do
Place the Sawmill. You can only place it on a Floor, so use one of your 10 pre-built floors from Floored.


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Shank Prep[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : I need to figure out how to stop those creatures from killing me. They're mighty aggressive!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Ooh, I bet you could get all kinds of useful parts out of these hideous beasts.
Flux.png Flux : Fire up that Analytic Engine of yours and find out how to make something STABBY with the parts we have.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : *HEEEEEEEUUURRRGHHH* A proper shank for a proper delivery driver. Get it built!
Reward for getting the Quest
Sawgrass Sword Schematic
To do
Craft the Sawgrass Sword.png Sawgrass Sword.
Useful hints
If you gathered enough Sawgrass Seed.png Sawgrass Seeds, JuiceBox will give you the Furdle Durt.png Furdle Durt Schematic to plant them.

The best defense...[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : Hmm... we'll need a better station to make that Comm Device.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Those beasts look like they have some good hides on them. Take some of their leathery skinbits and build us a Skinnery!
Flux.png Flux : What? Sorry I was doodling. Did you say something?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Just defeat some of those Wompits and build us a skinnery, Flux. You'll need some new parts - maybe from those grey-ish reeds near water?
Flux.png Flux : What if I don't want to poke them with this sword?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Then you can crush or slice them! Let me use my analytical engine and ---HRRRRNNNGHHHHH GET IT DONE HRNRNNGNHH!
To do
Create a Skinnery.png Skinnery.
Reward for getting the Quest
Graxe.png Graxe and Deadwood.png Deadwood
Useful hints
You can attack creatures now. As in the whole game - be aware of the Creatures Level. Yellow named enemies you can attack easily, orange named enemies are harder and red enemies you should really avoid, especially on higher difficulties. The only yellow written enemies with a Sawgrass Sword equipped will be the small Wompit.png wompits - so prefer to kill them. The text colour changes every time you'll equip a higher weapon. Kill enough wompits to get the required materials for the skinnery and harvest some whistleroots - be aware of Glidopus matriarch.png Glidopus here, they'll get aggressive by harvesting whistleroots and even the smallest are overleveld. If fighting a while, you will get the Space Wrench.png Space Wrench automatically after a short dialogue of Juicebox and Flux.

To Powaapol[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Not the time for silly questions, Flux! We've got to build that Comm Device and deliver these packages.
Flux.png Flux : Well yeah! Think I'd give up my Employee of the Month streak OR take a pension cut? NO WAY.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : We'll need something to broadcast the signal: let me scan for a crystal resonator. **SCANNING - SCANNING - SCANNING** Convenient! There's an extremely resonant substance nearby - we could use it as the transmitter for our device.
Flux.png Flux : Throw the location on the map and I'll check it out. WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.
To do
Go to the red point Powaapol on the map. A Dialogue will appear soon.
Useful hints
If you created the skinnery, you can start to build new armor and weapons - try another weapon than the sword now (just to see which you like most). Between Powaapol and your Landing Place should be an Outpost called Uugy's meadow. There are some quests for you, also an optional boss questline.

A brief meeting with Burl[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : ... no?
Flux.png Flux : Hewgodooko? JuiceBox she's talking about that jerk floaty-head. And also gibberish.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Hey! That's the resonator I picked up with my scan. We need to get it out of here.
Flux.png Flux : I have a suspicion that it's Hewgo's... I don't think he's going to approve.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Flux, it's the only way we're going to build the Comm and get the packages delivered. We've got to try SOMETHING.
25px Burl : *whispers* Ay Purply! Let's talk outside.
To do
Talk to Burl

The trust of a Tendraam[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : We'd be happy to take it of your hands!
25px Burl : And I'd be indebted to you for doin' so... but I need to know you ain't evil before I swear myself to help.
Flux.png Flux : Want to pinky swear?
25px Burl : I mean, how do I KNOW you ain't evil? Maybe you and that box are Hewgodooko in disguise!?
Flux.png Flux : Ha! NOPE! Hewgodooko blew up our ship! Do we look like villains to you?
25px Burl : Eh, maybe YOU don't look like it, but that box of yours is sure DASTARDLY LOOKIN'!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : HEY!
Flux.png Flux : Good old JuiceBox? I made him myself and didn't put in a single dastardly component.
25px Burl : Well then. I suppose if you ain't evil you'd prove it by doin' me a favor...
Flux.png Flux : A favor for the crystal? Sounds fair.
25px Flux : Well, my old home, a good distance Southwest o' here, has been overrun by some nasty Wompits. You find it, clear it out for Dernd and me, and I'll consider you and that box as folks worthy of trust.
Flux.png Flux : DEAL!
To do
Go to the yellow marked area Burl's Home and kill the wompits in it.
Useful hints
Try to pull not all of them. You can lure them better with the Space Wrench.png Space wrench, but it all requires a little practice in the game. There is a Wompit Heifer already, which (in contrast to the small wompits) is able to drop an Wompit Egg.png egg and unlock the Mother Duck Questline, which is all about pets at the example of a wompit. If you don't get an egg here don't get mad, you will kill enough higher wompits later - maybe with better weapons.

Return to Burl[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Let's get back to Burl and see about that crystal. These packages aren't getting delayed on my watch!
To do
Talk to Burl.

Get the Resonator[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : With that tool we should be able to Pick that crystal resonator right out of the ground!
25px Burl : SHHHHhhhh! Keep that quiet! Don't let Dernd hear you...
Flux.png Flux : Why not?
25px Burl : That crystal, I think whoever this Hewgo is, I think he's talkin' through it. And if that's the case...
Juicebox.png Juicebox : It might also talk back! Like a comm device!
Flux.png Flux : So Hewgo might know we're here?!
25px Burl : Just be quiet about buildin' that pickaxe, then use it on that crystal all quick-like. I'll wait inside. And take this here Flower of Maarla. It brings luck wherever you place it.
To do
Create a Pickaxe Pickaxe.png to take the Power crystal.png Resonator. After picking it up, Hewgodooko will come and kill Burl. You'll need to tell it to Burls Grandmammy now.
Reward for getting the Quest
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Schematic

Bearing Burl's Roots[]

Chat Log
25px Dernd : Burl's Grandmammy needs to know about what happened here. An' I'm afraid you must bear Burl's roots to her.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Dernd, we've got to get this Comm built. If there's a ritual to perform it's really not our place to-
25px Dernd : When a Tendraam passes, the last person who did them a good deed must bear their roots to the remainin' family. That'd be Grandmammy. She lives alone, far out.
Flux.png Flux : Woah woah, Dernd. This really isn't our place.
25px Dernd : It's a strange case, so it is. But I was too wrapped up in that crystal, so it falls to you. You'll need to bring her a gift symbolizin' Burl. I think makin' one of these Potted Sunshrooms from a Stone Shaper would do right. That pick Burl gave you - should be sturdy enough to break through them Flatstone boulders for the pieces.
Flux.png Flux : We'll get this constructed and give it to Grandmammy, along with Burl's root. Sorry for your loss, Dernd.
25px Dernd : My little pot o' sunshine...
To do
Create a Potted Sunshroom.png Potted Sunshroom from a Stoneshaper.png Stoneshaper and go to the yellow marked area Grandmammy's. You will get the Stoneshaper.png Stoneshaper and the Potted Sunshroom.png Potted Sunshroom Schematic by accepting the quest.
Useful hints
With the Pickaxe.png Pickaxe you can harvest Flatboulder.png Flatboulders, Walkerroot.png Walkerroots, Bumpberry.png Bumpberrys and Juice Crystal Clusters now. You will need a ton of Flatstone.png Flatstones from Flatboulders now - they are more common on the grey ground, which is a little farer from your landing point. Just go a little and you'll find some fields of rocks. If you got the Stoneshaper.png Stoneshaper craft your next weapon and maybe some armor, if you already killed some glutterflies - if not do it on the run. If you like, you can mark the Juice Crystal Clusters with a Wooden Writable Sign.png Wooden Writable Sign. They will respawn every 6 hours and are very useful, if you got a Juiceforge in the Bawg (next biome).

If you have given the sunshroom to Grandmammy its advisable to talk to her again for the Proper Vittles Questline - for accepting it you will get the Hearth.png Hearth Workstation Schematic, in which you can create Savanna Potions. Potions are quite more effective than natural Healing Herbs like Baconweed.png Baconweed or Sunshroom.png Sunshrooms.

To Graam's Laboratory[]

Chat Log
Flux.png Flux : He died helping others, Grandmammy.
25px Grandmammy : 'Twas jus' like little Burl to do that. Always puttin' others first. Thank you, for bearin' his root to me. I owe you a favor, on account of you doin' this deed for me and my family.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : A favor?
25px Grandmammy : Anythin' you need, Flow'ry. To celebrate Burl's life, and so that my grief may be put to good.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Grandmammy, we're in need of a battery. Do you know where we might find one?
25px Grandmammy : Tech ain't my strong suit, but my old frien' Graam runs a lab a good distance from here. He might be able to help you find what you be needin'. But be careful wanderin' that far out - the Glutterflies get real bad at night. Now I need a moment to think on Burl, Flow'ry. This floatin' head done wrong'd me and I cannot let that stand.
To do
Go to the red Point Graam's Laboratory and talk to Graam here.

Graam's bug problem[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Hear that?! THE BUZZING? THEY'RE COMING!
To do
Kill the 4 spawned Glutterfly Workers (Lvl 3). By the way: this is easier with a Wompit.png Wompit Pet and a weapon crafted in the Stoneshaper.png Stoneshaper.

Graam's BIG BUG problem[]

To do
Kill the Queen o' the Glutters, a Glutterfly Drone (Level 5). Laanaa will appear out of her.
Reward for completing the Quest
Chemworks.png Chemworks & Pointy Pinwheel.png Pointy Pinwheel Schematic

To Ramerl's Smithy[]

Chat Log
25px Graam : BAH! I can't help you with that. Energy Arts 'n all. But I've a friend, a master Squee Smith, Ramerl, who dabbled in Energy Arts before. She lives over yonder, in a big pond. Always was a bit of a loon, an' she likes the solitude.
25px Laanaa : You may want to bring her a bauble of some sort - she's known to get a bit surly with people interruptin' her.
25px Graam : Eh, I 'spose you're right Laanaa. Here, build one of them Pinwheels from the Chemworks before you talk to her. You might need to spend some time fightin' Glutterflies for the parts, but better safe than sorry when talkin' to an Energy Arts user!
To do
Create a Pointy Pinwheel.png Pointy Pinwheel with your fresh Chemworks.png Chemworks Workstation and show it to Ramerl. You will find her in the yellow marked area Ramerl's Smithery.
Useful hints
For the Chemworks.png Chemworks you'll need 2 Wompit Hearts, which are only dropped by Wompit Heifer (Lvl 3) or higher. So kill them. If you still got no Wompit Egg.png egg, at this point you will get it probably. Also you will need to kill Glutterflies: be aware - they only come out in the night. Juicebox will realize this, too - and give you the Stone Bed.png Stone Bed Schematic. With a Stone Bed.png Stone bed you will be able to regenerate all your Health and sleep to the opposite Daytime (at night you'll sleep to day and vice versa).

Water logged[]

Chat Log
25px Ramerl : Battery? I could prob'ly help with that. But I got this other project I'm workin' on. I jus' need some water balloons to get it done, but this floatin' thing came by earlier an' took all my Pumps.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Hewgodooko?!
25px Ramerl : WHATSAWHOOZAT?! He had the darkness of Energy Arts all over 'im. You bet right I jus' hid in a Squee an' he didn't know! HEEHEE!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Can you help us build a battery then?
25px Ramerl : The verb you're lookin' for is FIND, not BUILD. Me 'n old Baarnabus built one long ago...heheHOO! Then one them others found out 'n made us dump it.
Flux.png Flux : Do you know where?
25px Ramerl : More or less, mmyes I do. But b'fore I say any more you gotta help me. Jus' build one o' these Pumps from a Chemworks station, place it in some water, an' pump out five Water Balloons for me. Then we'll talk.
To do
Bring Ramerl 5 Water balloon.png Water Balloons from the Water Pump.png Water Pump. You will get the Water Pump.png Water Pump Schematic for accepting this Quest.
Useful hints
If you haven't crafted a Level 5 weapon in the Chemworks.png Chemworks till now, this is the moment. Water balloon.png Water Balloons are an essential Savanna Item and you'll need many of them. You need to kill Glidopus matriarch.png Glidopi to get Glidopus Siphon.png Glidopus Siphons, the base of Water Balloons. Track the Number of Siphons you have by tracking the Water Pump.png Water Pump: 20 for the pump and at least another 20 (so 40 in total) for the other stuff are advisable. At this point it is enough to kill the smallest (Glidopus Hatchlings Level 5) - but to continue with the main story later in the game you will need to have a domesticated Glidopus matriarch.png Glidopus for Glidopus larva.png Glidopus Larvas. So it can't be bad to fight the stronger ones, too - especially on lower difficulties it shouldn't be too hard.
If you brought Ramerl 5 Balloons, talk to her again for the Firespitter Questline, which brings you the Flamethrower.png Flamethrower Schematic (which is a great Device) and is very easy to end. You'll just need to bring 1 Nitro.png Nitro to Ramerl. For Nitro you will need to have a wompit pet, because Wompit Milk.png Wompit Milk is required for it.

Talk to Grandmammy 'bout Fishin'[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Stupid Hewgo.
Flux.png Flux : Wow, Ramerl, you are REALLY GOOD at hiding from Hewgo!
25px Ramerl : I've had lots of practice! And... howsabout you don't go tellin' people that I hide all up in these Squee... Don't want anyone gettin' suspicious 'bout my activities 'n snoopin' around here!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : I dunno, Ramerl... we might accidentally tell Grandmammy unless you give us something -
Flux.png Flux : Juicebox!
25px Ramerl : Fine! Fine. Keep your blabberholes shut with one of these - my prize Squee preppin' station, the Squathe!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Cha-CHING! Let's go see Grandmammy about that fishing pole!
Flux.png Flux : How do we even build this Squathe? It requires something called BLASTIQUE?
25px Ramerl : Just gotta mix up some of them Water Balloons an' Walker Blossoms - let 'em cool on the window sill an' voila! Hard as rock Blastique!
To do
Talk to Grandmammy. She'll give you the Basic fishing pole.png Basic Fishing Pole Schematic. Now start to fish. After some tries you'll find the Battery.png Battery.
Useful hints
For bringing Ramerl 5 Water balloon.png Water Balloons she will give you the Squathe.png Squathe Schematic. But to craft it you will need a Blastique Saw.png Blastique Saw first. With the Blastique Saw you'll be able to cut down Gassak.png Gassaks, Straddlebark.png Straddlebarks, Squee.png Squees and Bulbi.png Bulbis.
If you get the Basic fishing pole.png Basic Fishing Pole from the Squathe.png Squathe you can fish Savanna fishing.png Savanna Fishing holes - also you'll be able to create the next Crafting station now: the Fishiminea.png Fishiminea, which isn't required for the next 5 main quests. Build it up asap nevertheless and upgrade your gear, it's worth it.

Fishin' up Batteries[]

Chat Log
25px Grandmammy : Mmmhmmm, right nasty things live 'round them tarpits further out. They get real aggressive at night, so be careful.
Flux.png Flux : Let's get to Squee and Tartil choppin' and build this pole, then we can get that batter--!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : BATTERFISH! Yeah. Not a battery. Batterfish.
25px Grandmammy : Enjoy the fishin'! Always took my mind off things. But not off of vengeance. Come talk to me after you've caught what you're lookin' for.

Bring the Battery to Grandmammy[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Let's talk to Grandmammy. She said she wanted to see us after we finished fishing.
To do
Talk to Grandmammy.
Useful hints
Grandmammy builds up her base now. You can start many Questlines from the Quadropi now, which will bring you Potion and bomb recipes. You'll also face the Quadropi in the other biomes.

Out of Retirement[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : WOAAAAAAAHHAAAAT?!
25px Grandmammy : Meet my old Quadropi war pals. This here's Brikabrack, lead command.
25px Brikabrack : Delighted to meet you.
25px Grandmammy : And Flak here is our resident detonation expert. She's a bit fiery.
25px Flak : With a little creativity, EVERYTHING is a bit fiery.
25px Grandmammy : And Jak is our spy master. He'll know what you did 'fore you even done did do it.
Jak.png Jak : My tentacles are everywhere. Listening, waiting.
25px Grandmammy : Last, Makalak. Resident field medic.
25px Makalak : You look a bit...purple
Flux.png Flux : This is great, Grandmammy, but I'm just a Shipment Shipping Shipper from the Bureau of Shipping...
25px Flux : I've seen your moves 'round them Glidopi and other critters. You got yourself a mighty battle-knack. And Hewgo likely won't give you a choice. How you're gatherin' parts for some sort of communication device... right?
Flux.png Flux : Yes, and we still need a Dish. But really, I'm just doing all this to finish my deliveries, Grandmammy.
25px Grandmammy : Tell you what - help us steal Hewgo's supply caches and I'll find you a Dish maker. We'll make Hewgo pay for my little Burl.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : But we bore Burl's roots!
25px Grandmammy : That you did, and for that I'm truly grateful. But this is war, and I need your help. Jak'll update your map with the rough coordinates of that cache. When you get those supplies, come back and talk to me.
To do
Go to the yellow Marked Area Hewgo's Supply Cache and look for a Hewgo Base here. There will be a Wompit Bull (Level 5), a Glutterfly Queen (Level 7) and a Glidopus Matriarch (Level 9) in this area. Take up the 3 Supply crate.png Supply Crates here and bring them to Grandmammy.

The Great Tartil infestation[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Now where can we get that Dish?
25px Grandmammy : Right, well-
Jak.png Jak : ATTENTION! I'm hearing whispers that a small Tendraam village is being overrun by Tartils.
25px Grandmammy : Tartils?! Those mortar launchin' creatures are lethal!
25px Brikabrack : Surely Hewgodooko is behind it, Grandmammy.
Jak.png Jak : It happens to be the village run by a Tendraam called Baarnabus.
25px Grandmammy : BAARNABUS! Fate is strange, Flowery... Baarnabus might know where you can get your dish.
Jak.png Jak : Indeed, Baarnabus' engineering skills aren't matched anywhere on the Savanna. He might be the only one with the knowledge you seek.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Quit yammering then and show us where the village is!
Jak.png Jak : YES SIR! Get to Baarnapol and take out all the tartils you can find, then talk to Baarnabus.
To do
Go to the red Point Baarnapol and take out some tartils near the 2 Tendraam in the base there. At some point one of them (Baarnabus) will talk to you - talk to him now.

Tartil Paving[]

Chat Log
25px Baarnabus : Grandmammy told you right, I know a thing or two 'bout Dishes. But before we can talk about any of that-
25px Gaaby : We gotta do somethin' to seal the pits up, 'fore we get overrun for good.
25px Baarnabus : Right. Them Squees can be packed together to make a tight seal. Flowery, why don't you bring 20 squee floors to Gaaby here.
25px Gaaby : Yes, please! Then I'll pave it up real nice. Just need a few more to finish the job.
25px Baarnabus : Then I'll see 'bout that Dish apparatus.
To do
Create 20 Squee Flooring.png Squee Floors and bring them to Gaaby, which stands next to Baarnabus.


Chat Log
25px Gaaby : Backbreakin' work that is, but it's done. No Tartil will bother us again, Bus!
25px Baarnabus : But there's still that Glartalar.
25px Gaaby : Oh hush, you don't believe them sprout stories do you? The "Demon Tartil"?
25px Baarnabus : I saw him, Gaaby. And I'm not gonna feel safe till he's dead 'n gone. Maybe he's behind this, too. He and that floatin' head CONSPIRED!
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Glartalar the Demon Tartil? We came here for a Dish. Baarnabus. Now we've fought off a bunch of tartils, donated some priceless flooring-
25px Baarnabus : But that Dish is the only thing keepin' Glartalar away from this place!
25px Gaaby : Bus that's ridiculous, Glartalar is a legend! An' you said that Dish didn' even work
25px Baarnabus : Gaaby, I made that dish to keep Glartalar at bay. Whether you believe me or not, I ain' givin' it up till that Tartil is dead. Flower, you take 'im out an' I'll give you that Dish.
Flux.png Flux : Alright, I suppose that's fair. Where's Glartalar?
25px Gaaby : He's claimed a terror-filled tarpit for himself. I'll point you the way on that map.
To do
Go to the red Point Glatarlar's Den and kill Glatalar, a Level 11 Tartil Pappy. It may be useful if you already got gear from the Fishiminea.png Fishiminea.

Prepping the Kiln[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : A Crystal Kiln will be the only thing hot enough to make the Comm Device. Get one built while I figure out how to craft the Comm!
To do
Craft and place the Crystal kiln.png Crystal Kiln.
Useful hints
Baarnabus gives you the Shellfinger Pick.png Shellfinger Pick Schematic, Juicebox will give you the Crystal kiln.png Crystal Kiln Schematic. Craft them now - to craft the Kiln, you'll need to craft the Shellfinger Pick first, which means to kill Zug mug.png Zugs and Mam wat.png Wats, which are the toughest savanna creatures - Wats will only appear at night.
With the Shellfinger Pick.png Shellfinger Pick you can harvest Dusk Crystal.png Dusk Crystals.

Crafting the Comm[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Once you put that together we'll need to find some high ground to place it on.
Flux.png Flux : Do you still have your topographical functions?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : PLEASE, FLUX. I'M NOT A SIMPLETON. I'll find high ground while you get that built.
Flux.png Flux : Is there any high ground on this planet?
Juicebox.png Juicebox : High is relative, Flux.
Flux.png Flux : Still, though, seems like anywhere is just as good as anywhere else.
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Don't question my knowledge of radio communications!
To do
Create the Comm relay.png Comm Relay in your new Crystal kiln.png Crystal Kiln - you'll have all the ingredients naturally, since they are quest relevant items. If you like you can upgrade your gear now to the Lvl 11 stuff from the Kiln. If you still got no Glidopus matriarch.png Glidopus Pet, slay the stronger Glidopus now: it shouldn't be too hard, since you got much better gear - as always just avoid red written enemies. Note that they got 80 % Fire resistance - so your Flamethrower.png Flamethrower or Volatile Sack.png Volatile Sacks won't deal many damage - take other weapons if possible.

To the High Ground[]

Chat Log
Juicebox.png Juicebox : Seriously though, stock up before heading out. I've got a weird feeling in my circuits.
To do
Go to the yellow marked area High Ground - You'll find Hewgos base there. To enter it you'll need to fight
* Wompalax, a Womplord (Level 13) / Still in To the High Ground Quest
* Bloatulos Prime, an Ancient Glutterfly Drone (Level 9) / Slay the Glutterguard Quest
* Lartilal the Flatulent, a Filthy Tartil (Level 13), a Tartil Pappy (Level 11) and a Tartil Larvy (Level 7) / Glidotart defeat Quest

Into the Comm Room[]

To do
Go to the central Chamber. Juicebox will place the Comm relay.png Comm Relay automatically and start a dialogue. B hewgodooko.png Hewgodooko will appear for the first time as a Boss.

Package Keep-away[]

To do
Kill B hewgodooko.png Hewgo. After you killed his savanna edition, some dialogues will appear. The Quests Talk to the Bureau and Post-Highground solves itself by clicking through the dialogue. After the dialogues you will be able to swap your gadget/trinket set by pushing the button next to the potions.

The Crafty Contact Questline is done now and the first Quest of the Petty Theft Questline starts yet.