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The Brubus are an alien race in Crashlands. They are stuck-up, political-driven owls.


The Brubus are a gelatinous, bird-like race that spends an immense amount of time on social preening and the establishment of a proper Pecking Order. They speak almost purely in the passive voice and avoid saying anything that could count as a commitment to another, so as to avoid favor repayment. The Brubus are exceptionally politically minded. Their insight into the behavior and desires of other creatures has earned them status as Farseers by the Tendraam, when in reality they only see into others as a way to move themselves up an ever revolving and complicated social hierarchy, referred to as the Pecking Order.

The Brubus are not impressed by feats of raw strength, but rather by the moving of minds. They rely on the manipulation of others to survive. Despite their lack of military skill, they believe they hold a rightful place over all other creatures. Like Roman politicians, the Brubus puff themselves up and talk for hours on end in the hopes of gaining allies. While not talking, they’re arranging for unfortunate events and rumor circulation to bring down those outside their small, inner circles. They are frequently found gathered around Pontification Stones and statues to the Highest Pecker, whomever is the current 1st rank in the Pecking Order.

While Hewgodooko’s feats of intellectual power were initially impressive to the Brubus, his blatant wheeling-and-dealing has brought scorn on him by most all Brubus, who see him as a grave threat to each of their places in the great Pecking Order. But some among them are trying to court this all-powerful being to rise up the ranks, to what can only be disasterous effect...[1]