Berg Shirk Essence

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Berg Shirk Essence
Berg Shirk Essence.png
Type Creature Essence
Quality Item Quality Superior.png Superior


Used In

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Poorly Repaired Shirk Egg.pngPoorly Repaired Shirk Egg Berg Shirk Essence.pngBerg Shirk Essence (12)
Shirk Blubber.pngShirk Blubber (107)
Spiregg Shell.pngSpiregg Shell (30)
Spiregg Goop.pngSpiregg Goop (56)
Elixir of Temporary Insanity.pngElixir of Temporary Insanity Smashblossom Trunk.pngSmashblossom Trunk (8)
Conjoined Perp.pngConjoined Perp (1)
Berg Shirk Essence.pngBerg Shirk Essence (1)
Pressure Cooker.pngPressure Cooker