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Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal
"The legendary moustache of a Bamli. When you peer into it, you can see your own soul reflected back at you."

Description[edit | edit source]

Bamstache is a component that drops from the Bamli.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Sawstache.pngSawstache Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (32)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (8)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (5)
Jacksaw.pngJacksaw (1)
Granvil.pngGranvil Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (7)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (8)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (12)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Bambukket.pngBambukket Bamstache.pngBamstache (65)
Pyn.pngPyn (32)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (10)
Wily Bamli Essence.pngWily Bamli Essence (22)
Shockstache.pngShockstache Bamstache.pngBamstache (33)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (5)
Pyn.pngPyn (16)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (21)
Grenamel Stachemask.pngGrenamel Stachemask Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (30)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (5)
Hairbark.pngHairbark (26)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (7)
Stuffed Bamli.pngStuffed Bamli Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (8)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (31)
Goldybank.pngGoldybank Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (11)

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