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Bamli Horn
Bamli Horn.png
Type Component
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal

"You removed this horn forcibly from a Bamli's head. It was pretty horrifying. You're a monster."


Bamli Horn is a component that drops from the Bamli.


Used In[]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Sawstache.pngSawstache Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (32)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (8)
Thrombyte Fibrin.pngThrombyte Fibrin (5)
Jacksaw.pngJacksaw (1)
Grumbler.pngGrumbler Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (6)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (33)
Grenoots.pngGrenoots Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (33)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (6)
Grenamel Stachemask.pngGrenamel Stachemask Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (30)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (5)
Hairbark.pngHairbark (26)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (7)
Grestplate.pngGrestplate Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (29)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (5)
Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (1)
Grenamel Armpads.pngGrenamel Armpads Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (29)
Grenamel.pngGrenamel (5)
Hairbark.pngHairbark (25)
Stuffed Bamli.pngStuffed Bamli Spur Gum.pngSpur Gum (2)
Bamstache.pngBamstache (8)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (31)
Golden Catue.pngGolden Catue Spur Gold.pngSpur Gold (2)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (46)
Grenamel Dog Sculpture.pngGrenamel Dog Sculpture Grenamel.pngGrenamel (8)
Bamli Horn.pngBamli Horn (46)

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