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Although it has a terrible diet, the Bamli seems to be in perfect shape, likely due to its ability to plug into the Bawg and siphon energy into itself. It may also have something to do with its amazing moustache.

Description[edit | edit source]

Bamli are medium sized creatures found in the Bawg. They are likely the last creatures the player will encounter in the Bawg, usually near Bawg Hairs.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bamli have two flippers and a large moustache. Their bodies are purple, pink, or black.

Taming[edit | edit source]

'Symbiosis: Moustache Power'

Like all enemies in Crashlands, you tame a Bamli by obtaining it's egg, which drops from Bamli Stachsters and higher.

If you have a tamed Bamli and it's following you, you get these stats:

Type Sneakiness (%) Electric Power (%)
Normal 30% 10%
Powerful 45% 15%
Epic 60% 20%

Attack Pattern[edit | edit source]

Pattern 1: A big red circle* appears below Flux and the Bamli jumps into the air. Upon landing it deals area shock damage. Be sure to be outside of the circle when the Bamli lands to avoid it's damage. Also note that the electric circle around the Bamli after he lands doesn't damage you.

Pattern 2: A smaller red circle* appears below Flux. The Bamli charges for a short time and suddenly appears at Flux's position launching 4 shock balls into different directions. The shock balls travel randomly in one of 4 directions. This is easily dodgeable as the balls travel really slowly and the AoE range is very small (for the Raving Bamli, the shock balls will appear as a reddish-pink color instead of the usual whitish-yellow).

*Note: The relative sizes of these circles vary based on the Bamli. The larger (regular vs Stashster vs Charger) the Bamli, the larger each of the circles will be.

Attack Strategy[edit | edit source]

Between the Bamli's attacks, Flux can get about 3 hits on it before moving away to dodge the next attack. If the Bamli uses its jumping attack, simply evade it but stay near the landing area so you can start hitting it right away. If the Bamli uses its shock ball attack, immediately run to evade it because the shock balls can deal high damage in a short time.

Types of Bamli & Drops:[edit | edit source]

Type Level Appearance Drops
Bamli 21 Bamli.png Bamstache

Bamli Horn

Bamli Stashster 23 Bamli stashster.png Bamstache

Bamli Horn

Bamli Flightbladder

Bamli Charger 25 Bamli charger.png Bamstache

Bamli Horn

Bamli Flightbladder

Wily Bamli Stashster 27 Wily bamli stashster.png Wily Bamli Essence
Wily Bamli Charger 29 Wily bamli charger.png Wily Bamli Essence x2
Raving Bamli 31 Raving bamli.png Raving Bamli Essence

Other Creatures[edit | edit source]