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Baconweed Fairy
The Baconweed Fairy.png
Basic Info
Biome Savanna
Hardcore Signal Name Mouthy Signal
Deals Damage Physical, Poison

The Baconweed Fairy is a boss that spawns during Old Jaarnal's quest Three Wishes in Crashlands. She is located west of Graam's Laboratory on an island in the Savannah. You will find a square shaped lake which has Flatstone and a potted baconweed plant. You will be asked to go to the direction the plant is facing.

BaconWeed Fairy Location


First Phase:

Tooth Missiles- The Baconweed Fairy will wave her wand, launching tooth missiles that will roughly home in on the player. These can be relatively easily dodged by circling round the fairy getting smaller each time. The teeth will slowly circle bigger, allowing you to avoid them. If hit, you will be poisoned for a short amount of time.

Tooth Airstrike- This attack involves a huge barrage of teeth being dropped from the sky. These can easily be avoided by looking at their hit indicators, but if hit by them you will get largely damaged.

Baconweed Bash- The Fairy will attempt to leap towards the player, smashing her head onto the ground like a Wompit. This attack is fairly easy to dodge, but deals large damage.

HEALTH MOVE/Bacon Nap- This move is fairly annoying as the Fairy can use it to prolong the fight. It consists of her going to sleep for a short time which will recover a short chunk of her health. This can be easily interrupted however by attacking her.

Second Phase:

Death Orbs: The Baconweed Fairy will cast blue orbs in circular patterns that spread outward and explode after a short period of time/distance. These come in rows and can be quite hard to dodge unless you move in a constant zigzag pattern. This attack can easily be predicted by the Fairy entering a meditative position.


Story Mode[]

Hardcore Mode[]

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