Basic Info
Biome Savanna
Hardcore Signal Name Venomous Signal
Deals Damage Physical, Poison

Baary is a boss in Crashlands. He charges the player similar to a Wat, and throws bombs like a Tartill. Both attacks deal poison damage. It is possible to aggro other enemies into the fight.

Baary looks like a mushroom.


First of all, Baary will shoot out multiple poisonous bullets onto the ground, similar to a Vomma. He will also pull his lid down and start moving toward you in short bursts (usually 3 at a time), similar to a Wat but leaving behind trails of poison. In his second phase, he will summon vines to spring out of the ground that shoot out clouds of poison.


Story Mode

Hardcore Mode

  • Beakler schematic (10 % chance to inflict poison damage)
  • Jar of Joom schematic (Boosts Poison Damage by 20 %)
  • Smash Racket (if unlocked via bscotch ID Perk: 4 simultaneous artifacts in Quadropus Rampage) (Just got it without the perk. Double-check please.)
  • Baary Trophy

Other Bosses


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