Antlerhoof Trowel

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Antlerhoof Trowel
Antlerhoof Trowel.png
Type Tool
Level Tier 3
Quality Item Quality Normal.png Normal
"Antlers and hooves are terrible at prying things off the ground, until you combine them. In a sense, they're like the mustard and mayonnaise of a deviled egg."

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Requirements Amount
Splintrowel.png Splintrowel 1
Furgrasp Antler.png Furgrasp Antler 8
Glaser Hoof.png Glaser Hoof 5
Spiregg Goop.png Spiregg Goop 7
Time 00:08
Antlerhoof Trowel.png Antlerhoof Trowel 1

Used In[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredient(s) Crafting Station
Oiled Calcite Trowel.pngOiled Calcite Trowel (1) Gulanti Calcite.pngGulanti Calcite (11)
Antlerhoof Trowel.pngAntlerhoof Trowel (1)
Oilbag.pngOilbag (5)
Pipedirt Pipe.pngPipedirt Pipe (18)